Introducing my first confusing rant to the world

Call me naïve but, to me, there are many factors within the fashion industry that are completely, well, how do I put this? Stupid. I mean, come on Vogue, like reinforcing the idea of size zero models won’t make young girls aim to become stick thin!

Ok, so admittedly the word ‘stupid’ may be a stupid word to use (ha ha to me), but certain aspects of the fashion industry are most definitely corrupt. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading about fashion and visually exploring the industry, yet there are issues that need to be explored, or, in some cases, changed and it’s the magazines that need to do the changing! Take 13 Going on 30 for example. Poor Jenna Rink was inspired by every aspect of Sparkle magazine, it was her bible! If they said do something, she would do it. If they said wear something, she would wear it. If they said dance around in a chicken costume, guess what, she most probably would not do it…sorry I’m going off on a tangent. Right. What I am trying to say is that young girls, and boys, can be manipulated into believing you have to look a certain way to be pweedy (as our old friend Tweety Bird would say). But, if a standard, natural looking woman was shown on a front cover or in advertisements then the younger generation would most likely feel more comfortable within themselves.

Take the above as an example of one of many problems with the fashion industry, but don’t think that it stops there.

You see, I’m an 18-year-old girl and wow, I would LOVE to be a top fashion-editor for a top fashion magazine…but yes, there would be many things I would do differently to promote different messages and create awareness. I kind of hope to be an Alexandra Shulman sort of editor – I think she knows what’s what when it comes to thinking public.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’m not going to admit to being a knowledgable freak when it comes to ethical stances in fashion but I do have my fair share of views. I don’t care if you find my rants annoying – it’s how I feel…but I’m open to explore different views, and if you’re lucky I might challenge you to a debate muahaha!


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