I Love Fur and I Don’t Care

I woke up cold this morning…very cold. I think we can all agree that winter has arrived. From being outside for a total of only two hours today, I am almost certain that I have developed the ‘sniffles’ and am the new, proud owner of a shiny, red nose. Yet despite all the negatives to the iced air, there are some positives. WINTER CLOTHES (yey!). I don’t know about you but i just love layering up and wearing endless amounts of knitwear: knitted socks, knitted tops, knitted knickers, knitted this, knitted that (you can tell I have a crush on knitwear).

Yet one issue comes to mind when I think of winter clothing. Fur. You see, some people don’t think about where the fabrics of their clothes come from and believe that wearing fur is acceptable (#teamSasha). However, others tend to be very anti-fur, which is fair enough – I mean innocent animals are killed for our luxury and people have every right in the world to be angered by that. I am not one of those people. I’m not saying that if there was a faux fur coat in a shop and a real fur coat in a shop that were completely identical I wouldn’t choose the faux fur one…but what I am saying is that if I saw a real fur coat in a shop that I fell for then I wouldn’t bite my tongue to buy it.

(Gosh, I hope I’m not coming across as ignorant.)

To be brutally honest when I buy an item of clothing I never think of the consequence, I just think whether or not it’s worth a purchase and what shoes it will go with. I’ve never really got the ‘IF YOU WEAR FUR YOU DESERVE TO DIE’ kind of attitude. I believe that if you refuse to buy fur and are not a vegetarian then, well, you’re a complete hypocrite. Simple as. I mean, why would you eat an animal that’s been murdered but refuse to wear something furry…because an animal has been murdered?

Call me mean, obnoxious, unpleasant or whatever else you wish. At the end of the day, I like fur. It feels nice. It keeps me warm. And it’s a nice luxury to have in your wardrobe. Some argue that wearing fur is both politically and ethically wrong. But it’s also fashionable, is always in season, looks good and is a great insulator. Point two is more important to me.


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