I’m lying in bed with a Nivea face mask on, which is so thick that my face has replaced 3D by becoming 6D or something. Why am I painting myself white, you ask? Well, other than my mother constantly going on about how Nivea gets rid of wrinkles (I’m only 18 mum!), I have had an outbreak. You see, I don’t really think my skin is used to London city dirt and compact trains. So now, as a result of hard work and determination…I have spots.

Yes, I know, everyone gets spots now and again and I have to deal with it, and I will. But how is it fair that the when I go out everyone gets to see me spots, yet, when Vogue cover models such as Kate Moss or Beyonce Knowles get published nobody gets to see their blemishes?! Ok, yes, I hear you. Me getting the train to Victoria every day is not on the same scale as having my picture published globally. But surely, every single cover girl for every single beauty or fashion magazine has had one teeny-weeny blemish on their face. I don’t know about anyone else but I couldn’t care less if Elle Macpherson had a spot on her face. In fact, I would appreciate it. I reckon that fashion magazines would gain a lot more respect if they kept their cover girls in their original form without photoshopping them, because CELEBRITIES ARE REAL PEOPLE AND GET SPOTS AND OCCASIONALLY PUT ON WEIGHT AND SOMETIMES HAVE A CROSSBITE – but who cares! That’s reality! Bare all Vogue, Elle and Cosmo, we (well I’m not sure who ‘we’ is but I’m sure a few people will be agreeing with me) want to see the real side of these real people that you put on the covers of magazines.

The UK Vogue December 1999 ‘Millennium Issue’ featured a reflective mirror-like cover. Pure genius. Every day readers had the chance to be a cover star…and no photoshopped was used here. That’s the point though. When people read magazines, especially fashion magazines, they read them to be inspired by the latest looks and stories. How can a person be inspired by someone with flawless skin, other than saying to themselves ‘I’m going to make my skin perfect’? It’s not realistic.

One day there will be a cover shoot where photoshop isn’t used. In my opinion, this will be the best cover of all time. We all have spots. We all have to get over them…fashion included.



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