Go on Boys, Slap on the Bronzer, We Know You Want To

I love make-up. Seeing as I’m a girl, that’s a pretty boring, typical, expected statement. Why do I love make-up though? Well, it gives me confidence. It makes me feel much nicer and way more presentable and so that kind of leads to me feeling good about myself. If I have a spot, I can cover it up. If I’m feeling pale, don’t worry Sash, slap on the bronzer! If my lips don’t match my outfit colour then lipstick it is. See, being a girl has its advantages (despite the period pains and the monthly schizophrenia) because we can wear make-up without being penalised. Yet, boys wearing make-up, well, yeah, it seems a bit strange…to some.

You see, there are certain aspects of the fashion industry I applaud. Boosting mens’ confidence to the extent that they feel as though they can slap on some lipstick and mascara is one. Back in the day men wearing make-up had a certain stigma attached to it; it was seen as “gay”. Yet, nowadays mens’ beauty products are sold everywhere! Through the evolution of the new man, shown by magazines such as GQ, it appears as though men are, in fact, just like women. They shed a tear now and then, they want to dress well, and if they have a spot, they want to cover it up. WHO CARES THOUGH! Girls can wear make-up, so why is it so weird for boys too as well? Ok, personally, I draw the line at men going out wearing bright red lipstick but if they feel crappy then they also deserve a confidence boost, even if that does lead to a mini-tan. HELLO old fogeys. We live in the 21st century here. There is no longer a stigma attached to men being pretty. People are allowed to wear what they want, do what they want and say what they want.

You know, this is the first point in my blog whereby I actually applaud the fashion industry. Through the way fashion is presented, there is now a massive emphasis on mens’ style and dress sense. In the olden days going out on a first date meant that women needed to look perfectamondo; if a single hair was out of place then giiiiirl she was getting dumped…so you get my point about women having to completely stress out before their first date, right? Well, today, men, or boys, need to make an effort. TRUST ME. If a guy doesn’t look good or dress well then he needs a really good personality to grab a lady’s attention. Sad and harsh but true…forget that actually, not harsh…the shoe has always been on the other foot and women have always had to look amazing in order to ‘spark a man’s appetite’. Now it’s the boys turn to make an effort. Thank you fashion, men can now get a taste of their own medicine muahaha……….

Boys. Do not, in any way, shape or form, think it is weird to wear make-up. You are free spirits and have every right to want to look the part. Go and buy a concealer or a bronzer or a clear mascara and get painting! Too much negativity is floating around the air as to men wanting to look nice and presentable. But who cares? If men want to touch-up then they should go for it. There are plenty of women who can make a transformation, so please, tell me, why can’t men? I’m intrigued.


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