The Corruption of a AA Bra Size

Some people wish they were super skinny, like models in a magazine. People love the bare bones. Not me though. I’ve always thought curves are nicer. In my opinion, they make clothes look better. If you have no boobs, bum or tum, then realistically all your body does is act like a curtain pole. So unattractive, right? I like to (well I try) to embrace my curves. I kind of like having an hourglass figure as opposed to being a straight, boring rectangle. What’s a body without shape? A blob. You can probably see where this post is going…

You see, a fierce issue I have with the fashion industry is body image. I like a perfect figure which, nowadays, is seen as imperfect. We only have fashion to thank for the idea that being skinny is sexy, but seriously, what’s sexy about it? Whilst I understand some people are naturally skinny, there are some who make themselves skinny by strong diets, for example. I mean, if you’re a size 0 you:

  • Are a AAAAAAA cup bra size
  • Fit into W20 jeans due to having no bottom
  • Have bones that poke out (seen as a “striking feature” in the modelling industry)

I could go on but you can see my point when I say that size 0 is not a real size. It’s fake. It’s a figment of our imagination and, obviously, photoshop. It’s a size that every women wishes they were, even though it’s non-existent.

To me, a sexy figure is any size so long as a woman adopts a Sasha Fierce kinda attitude. Size XS to size XXL are all the same thing! When you see a girl wearing her favourite outfit and feeling beautiful, you don’t think “oh wow, look at the pair on her,” you think “oh wow, she is working it!” WHO CARES if society deems XL as ‘fat’ – it’s not. Society is screwed in the head when it comes to body image…and I simply blame fashion. If fashion magazines or advertisers used plus-sized models then they would branch out to an entire new audience. Not just a plus-sized audience, but an audience of any size that appreciates when a fashion label has enough guts to break the barrier and use real people in campaigns directed to real people. So, not only would these models generate more business for the companies, but think how amazing people would feel knowing the industry isn’t as corrupt as it seems!

I am against size 0. I am against the super-skinny supermodels. I am for real people. I am for real figures. I am for making people feel as though the fashion industry is at their level. In all honesty it seems as though some designers create a statement where only “stunning” and “gorgeous” people can wear their clothes. I say to this…HA HA HA. People can wear whatever they want, it doesn’t matter whether they are big or not. Snooty brands and overly ambitious advertisements do not define size.


3 thoughts on “The Corruption of a AA Bra Size

  1. absolutely brilliant article – i wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments in their entirety …. being happy and confident with who you truly are is real beauty!

  2. I’m involved in the small-bust community (I wear a 28B or 30A, depending on the brand) and trust me, AA is actually a normal, healthy size. So is AAA. None of these sizes are actually “flat” as every woman has breast tissue. Small breasts are not a flaw. They are not unattractive, gross, undesirable, or abnormal, even though our breast-obsessed culture tells us they are. Small busts can be very sexy, and there are men (and women) out there that prefer a smaller bustline on a woman. However, a lot of small busted women struggle greatly with their body image. (Probably due to be told all the time that we can’t possibly be sexy or desirable. And try shopping for gorwn-up lingerie when you are an adult woman in a very small size!) Many small busted and naturally slim women do not identify with fashion models and also feel inadequate upon seeing the perfect hair, flawless skin, perky cleavage, and mile-long legs in magazines. Many of us are not built that way, either.

    I am all for more diversity in modeling. I’d love to see models of all sizes, shapes, and colors. But it needs to be remembered that just because a woman is small busted, thin, or a model, does not mean that she is not a real woman or a real person.

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