Plastic Girls in a Real World

I quite like my facial features. I have a little bump on my nose, but other than that I’m happy. I think my lips are quite a nice size…I definitely wouldn’t want them to be any bigger…and, all in all, I don’t think the proportions of my face are horrific. If I am being vain then I apologise. All I am trying to say is that if I had the chance to change the size of anything on my face then I wouldn’t. To me, faces are similar to puzzles; the features fit the shape of the face. Why people would want to put the wrong piece of the puzzle in the wrong place is beyond me!

I was out last week and noticed a woman with mahoosive lips (is mahoosive a real word or have I just made that up?) and a forehead so tightly stretched out that it looked as if it had been ironed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for plastic surgery if a person wants it but I just wonder why people go for it. Half the time people get plastic surgery to make themselves look younger, but they end up looking older. Others get nose jobs because their nose is too flat or too raised, but their noses end up looking like squashed tomatoes. A handful of people choose to get botox to enhance their lips, but these people end up looking like a puffa fish. Before I get scrutinised from being a bitch, I am talking about a handful of people who are, well, not so lucky with their experiences. There are an unbelievable amount of risks when having plastic surgery like an infection or nerve damage so why do people do it? Do they do it to feel better about themselves or because everyone else is doing it?

Obviously I can’t speak from personal experience but surely those people who have plastic surgery, that end up looking worse, feel a bit crap. They go out and everyone looks at them and thinks “why the hell did you do that to your face?” I kind of feel bad for those people because they didn’t mean for their surgery to go badly. But I say – if plastic surgery goes wrong once, it will go wrong again.

I always wonder how the craze of surgery came about. It’s not really promoted in the fashion industry. Yes, beauty sections in magazines have reviews on wrinkle creams and what have you, but there’s never (from what I’ve seen) been a whole massive campaign that’s pro-surgery, nor has there ever been a negative stigma attached to getting old. Age is natural and creeps up on every single person at some point in their lives (yes I agree, the later the better…thank god I’m only 18). I am not against plastic surgery but I think women and men should embrace the wrinkles and the size of their lips. Who knows, it might be that little wrinkle on the forehead that gets you a seat in rush hour!


3 thoughts on “Plastic Girls in a Real World

  1. You don’t just get plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons, some people don’t have a choice. Much love xxx

  2. I think it is difficult to predict the future. At 18, you likely have pretty unaged skin. Also, you have a lot more estrogen than a woman in her 40’s, when it DRAMATICALLY decreases. At that age, the loss of estrogen and collagen makes the lips thin out and increases the space between upper lip and nose. So, a lip augmentation (which is nonsurgical) is a GREAT option for women who want to compete in the discriminatory marketplace for jobs against younger and possibly more attractive youths. Plumping up the lips to just the right level is easy and achievable. No one has to have Mahoosive lips unless they want them. OR…they went to a rather awful provider!!!!

    But I liken your optimism!

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