Bad News Equals Good News…Surely That’s Right?

Shock. That’s right, fashion loves a bit of shock factor. It’s one of the very few industries that goes out of its way to break rules in order to make people’s jaws drop 10 inches. You see, fashion doesn’t care. If there is something controversial going on in the world, fashion will make an undeniable effort to add to the controversy. It makes something beautiful out of a bad situation.

I’m the kind of person who appreciates the creativity behind a photograph. I always tend to scoop out the meaning of an image, or even a fashion campaign. I think to myself that there’s a reason that a picture is the way it is; there’s a story behind it. Some fashion photographers, such as Steven Meisel, get their storyboard and capture it in one shot. Perfection. But, some people (who I like to call naïve and obnoxious) tend to think that fashion is facetious and fickle. But man are these people wrong! Fashion has the ability to wrap the upmost dramatic events in a style that is so romantic and artistic. It is most definitely not as easy as it sounds.

The photos shown in the video above shouts out ‘COME AT ME PUBLIC, I’M STIRRING OPINIONS AND I DON’T CARE!” I understand people thinking that these images are sickening and repulsive – I mean, how can someone make Hurricane Sandy look so beautiful? Well, that’s not the point and if you think these images are grotesque then I’m sorry, but I completely disagree. In the cases shown above, fashion is attempting to highlight the event. A lot of bad things happen in the world today…fact. Surely, these images just represent a visual presentation of these events in a beautiful way? Yes, traumatic events happen, but if they are not captured in a light-hearted way that everyone can relate to then they become lost in our memories as a fact.

Fashion is a knowingly abstract industry. It likes to show things in a new, innovative way. Although fashion is mainly associated with clothes and make-up and accessories and bla bla bla, it’s also prominently associated with people. Human interactions, really. So, when a bad thing happens it’s fashions role to show the event in an unprecedented way. I respect fashion for this. You can’t say it doesn’t have balls!


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