Curvy Women Shouldn’t be Allowed on the Runway – Mr Lagerfeld

Mr Chanel. Mr Fashion. Mr Cool…well, not so cool now.

Karl Lagerfeld has said that “nobody wants to see curvy women on the runway” – what a joke! But don’t fret, this isn’t the first comment the French designer has made. Karly Boy has blamed so-called fat people and their associated illnesses for the health deficit in France. If you think that’s shocking, there’s more. The designer has said that fat people waste the country’s tax revenue through their ailments. PLEEEEEASE Karl – I’m cringing whilst reading these statements! Hold up, there’s another one…apparently the hole in social security was down to diseases caught be people who are too fat. I am actually laughing out loud but reading these pathetic, ridiculous, demoralising statements.

I have two main issues with these GRGRBJHBSDHJVLBALJSHDBV statements:

1) Karl’s idea of a fat person is probably someone who is a size 10+ – not what I associate with ‘fat’ in my books…Largerman, people do not need to be intimidated by your perfect catwalk models – they ain’t perfect…too skinny actually, très unrealistic.

2) This dude is a pretty influential guy within the fashion industry, in fact, majorly influential. However, now I hope he is seen as an embarrassment for the fashion industry. You know, over the years many people have blamed this industry for causing anorexia and to be brutally honest, I haven’t agreed with the accusation. Yet, when I read statements like these it makes me think that yeah, I can kinda see where these people are coming from. Teenage girls love fashion magazines > fashion magazines are influenced by designers .> designers create the illusion of the perfect body image. So, although these kind of statements may not be the main cause of anorexia, they definitely contribute to the illness.

What happened to the beautiful, admirable curves of Marilyn Monroe? When did we say toodaloo to a sexy bust and a cherry bottom? We didn’t (I hope I am speaking on behalf of many). Fashion did. Yes, I do believe that fashion has done a lot of great things and promoted certain causes in a positive way, but the idea of curvy women not being on the catwalk is one area where I feel fashion has taken its opinion too far.

Karl, our 80-year-old EX-person-who-fashion-lovers-used-to-admire, you deserve to get faced with a penalty. These comments are derogatory. They are quite frankly a joke. CURVY WOMEN SHOULD BE STRUTTING THEIR STUFF ON THE CATWALK. What is the world without a diversity in figures and sizes?! I am mentally appalled.

Lots of love,

A disappointed girl who looks up to fashion xxx



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