Fashion Beats Religion

Religion and fashion.

Again, two very controversial subjects; religion being the most.

The idea of fashion breaking religion is an idea that constantly pops in my mind (well, not constantly, probably only once…this morning). Religion has strict rules about how people dress. For example, being a Jewish girl, I know the ‘respectable’ way to dress is by covering your knees and shoulders, and I know that burka’s are required for religious Muslims.

Therefore, surely every single brand in fashion breaks religion.

I know I’m going VERY extreme here, but it’s just a thought.

Literally every shop on the high-street and elsewhere sells vest tops, mini skirts, hot pants, lingerie etc. – items that the average girl has learnt to love (apart from hot pants, which have been and will always be a massive no no!). If you think about it, all these shops are technically breaking the views of religion. They are selling disrespectful clothes that show off ass and cleavage – but nobody has said anything to these shops. Why? Because, the majority are going to follow their own minds as opposed to what priests and rabbis say should be worn.

Some of you may be thinking that comparing religion to fashion is too extreme for a girl whose blogging in bed. But seriously! How do these religions expect people to ‘wear the right thing’ when high-street shops don’t sell it?! They can’t. Unless you are dedicated, in my opinion. Surely, fashion decides what people wear and not a Bible? If Topshop sold long skirts and high-necked jumpers all year round then yes, people would be dressing respectively but in the name of fashion – not God. Therefore, fashion will always lead the way for what people wear.

Most people are more likely to follow fashion trends as opposed to religious outfits. Am I wrong?

So, there’s for my morning rant.

I am now going to do some shopping.


OMG You Are Just So Fake Babe

Behold: I have entered the magical world of press releases.

The gorgeous foods, the fab clothes, the suck-up PR’s and…the free goody bags – yeaaaaaaah man.

It’s quite funny how far a brand, or even a person, will go to in order to get a good name. So funny I could LAUGH OUT LOUD – not.

Over my two-weeks of attending plenty of Spring/Summer 2014 collection events I have discovered that if you’re from a well-known publication then you’re going to get spoilt. And I love getting spoilt. In fact I’ve collected a nice amount of gifts from different brands over the weeks including vouchers, make-up, tops, and, last of all, marshmallows, which were disgusting (the looked like tofu and tasted like salt).


Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 18.25.23


Yummy treats at yesterday’s QVC event

You see, I love suck-ups. Suck-ups know about good customer service and treating the customer correctly. They know about their product and they know about their audience. As long as they are in the know then go get ’em tigers. HOWEVER. And, yes, there is a however (again). Where does the line lay between a suck-up and someone being overly-friendly in order for you to write something positive about them?


To be very honest, I don’t know.

In my opinion this is the difference:

The suck-up: the ‘suck-up’ is a creature who means no harm. They want you to be comfortable and to enjoy their products. This animal is not so dissimilar to a hamster. Very calm and content in their own surroundings, but ready to pounce when they see someone looking rather uncomfortable (I know, a hamster is totally the wrong animal). The SU only wants the best for its customers, taking you around and telling you about the products. Suck-ups are so adorable.

The over-friendly: the two-faced animal who acts as if you are there for them. They want you to only speak good things about them – hence the over-dramatic act they play to your face. Yet, if someone more important walks through the door, they are gone in a second, kind of like Randall from Monsters Inc. (I am a Monsters Inc. fan, yes). When you’re done they don’t want to know how you found the collection, they just want you to take the goody bag and go.

This is my opinion anyway. I may be wrong. In your opinion, the two types may be the same act – but not in mine. But then again, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, and everyone is different. I just think that it’s easy to see through someone:

Real eyes realise real lies.



Hit the Road BITCH


I hate bitches.

But….but….but….I’m going to have to get used to them – fashion is the industry I want to go into and  fashion is a holy biatch.

Why did the concept of being a bitch pop into my head, you ask? (I know you haven’t asked me but it’s for dramatic effect). WELL today I had to be one. Every girl has their moment of starlight when they are the bitch from hell, and unfortunately that was me. 

Today I had to create a gallery of celebrities with big noses. I felt soooooo bad taking the pics and writing snooty captions like ‘wow, what a big beak she has on her face,’ but it had to be done. I had to please my audience, I had to make my audience laugh and I had to make sure the gallery would get tons of views. I have shocked myself. I have been a bitch in order to please others. But, is it really my fault? I know that celebrities are people and have real feelings and bla bla bla, but surely they can chew through the beef? I don’t know. All I know is that I felt awful.

Then a light-bulb went off in my head.

The fashion industry is seen as one of THE bitchiest industries an innocent girl can enter. Girls will pull your hair, bite your neck, rip your outfit to shreds. Deal with it. That’s what fashion says, isn’t it – deal with it? You wanna make it, you gotta pull up your pants, get a grip and face the brutality of reality. THIS MAKES ME LAUGH. I know that the world is evil and people are mean but come on!!!!!!! Fashionistas, like Anna Wintour and Naomi Campbell and other known bitches, don’t need make others feel inferior – that’s not reality is like. That’s what fashion is like. If you’re not at the top of the food-chain in the fashion industry then you are pure, red meat to all the editors, fashion agencies, models etc. out there. 

When I work at Vogue (one day please god) I know I will have to go in there with steel armour.

This is all so ridiculous though.

Fashion is about being creative, fun and energetic – some of the well-known personalities in the industry defeat this.

How can someone show off their real personality when they are petrified of their very own mentor? So much for fashion being about freedom.

My point is that everyone can be a bitch. Everyone is a bitch – girls especially on that time of the month. But bitchiness shouldn’t be used to make others feel small and belittled. PREACH IT SASH.

Beckham’s Clothes for £20 – FACT.

Yesterday I went to the David and Victoria Beckham charity sale. AMAZING. Honestly, if I was a size 4 and was allowed to purchase more than one item then I would basically have VB’s wardrobe in my room right now. I’m being serious. The items were seriously cheap – £25 for a Fendi scarf and £75 for a Dolce & Gabbana jacket..paaleeeease! The event was literally the bargain-hunt of the season. As embarrassing as it was, I was drooling over the clothes…as well as the fact the MOST AMAZING COUPLE IN THE WORLD had touched the clothes I was touching (especially you Dave ;)).


(me wearing my future husband’s hat – practically engaged)

However (yes, I know you were all expecting a ‘however’), the sale got me thinking (yes, I know you were all expecting a ‘got me thinking’) about what fashion does for charity (by fashion I am referring to clothes). In a quick answer: fashion does a hell of a lot for charity. Let me expand…

People love clothes. People love to look good. People love designer. And people love celebrities. So, what do we get when celebrities put their designer clothes on sale? People who think they look good in anything with a label.

Let me expand even more…

Celebrities eventually become household names – it’s true. I refer to Victoria as Viccy because, you know, we are bffe’s. Anyway…when people can grab an item from anyone who is the slightest bit famous, they think they’ve got a catch. And truthfully, they have. There is no denying that people would be prepared to spend triple the amount of money for a pair of David Beckham‘s shoes that are also sold brand new in a shop next door, just because they’re Beckham’s. Fame = value. It’s crazy to think that a person (including myself) is prepared to spend money on the most unnecessary things just because the item has a celeb stamp.

So, how does this helps charities? Muahaha, what a silly question. If a charity store, such as British Red Cross or Oxfam has, I dunno, Lady Gaga’s clothes for sell for an extremely low price people will go crazy. Crazy to the extent that they’ll buy as much as they can. Buying leads to $$$ cachiiiiing – charities you’ve one.

It’s all about the mind, you see. If Oxfam is filled with famous people’s clothing then it’s bound to do a hell of a lot better than if it’s full of clothes from Primark. Fact. I expect to see a lot more celebrities donating their clothes and a lot more queues outside charity shops…

But will my prediction come true?


Yes, I am an Ashamed Snob.

Prepare yourself for one of my rants and please excuse the poor writing – I speak my mind…literally.

You see, since I’ve started interning at Now magazine I’ve had a sneak-peek insight into different aspects of fashion and, well, I have weird opinions about the most irrelevant things. But they’re pretty relevant to me, I am thinking about them after all.

So, rant #2 since starting Now:

I’ve been to one, two, three…five (yes five) press releases now at:

  • Coast
  • French Connection 
  • Motel
  • Office
  • Debenhams

(Gosh, next seasons collections are to die for!!!)

I’ve always thought of these labels as “cheap” – boy was I wrong. In an admittedly snobbish way, I have shunned these labels because to me they seemed tacky. I sound like a pompous idiot, but it’s true. Because of the way these brands are advertised and because of the magazines they are promoted in, I have never thought of them as fashionable. I don’t know about any of my FABULOUS readers, but when I see a fashion label and it doesn’t look elegant or sophisticated, my automatic (and unintentional) though is…what utter crap.

Man, am I ashamed of myself!

The collections were beautiful, with stunning textures and pastel colours – everything was to die for. I never thought I would see myself type ooo I really would love that dress from Coast – but now I am typing it and it’s true. Maybe it’s the way the clothes and accessories are presented at these releases, maybe that’s what makes the clothing more attractive. I don’t know. But something in the way the clothes were presented made them stand-out in such a stunning way. 


I swear I’m not writing a love poem here. I am simply expressing my shock.

So now I have my multiple vouchers for these fab labels, I’m going to go and do a bit of spending this weekend and I am going to wear my top from French Connection, skirt from Motel, shoes from Office, bag from Debenhams…blah blah blah…with pride. And I bet I get compliments muahaha.

Moral: never judge an item of clothing by its label.

Lots of love,

An unintentional and ashamed snob


Beauty is a Bitch

I’m sitting in a bubble bath blogging with my phone in my right hand and Vogue in my left with a cup of tea perched on the floor next to me – heaven. This is literally the epitome of relaxation and perfection. Two minutes ago my phone wasn’t in my hand, but a girl has thoughts, and when a girl has thoughts she needs to get them out! Hence, the blogging in the bath situation.

Oddly enough I’ve been sitting here thinking about my next blog post. That thought lead on to me wondering what to wear tomorrow (I’ve started a one-month placement at Now magazine so obbbbvvvvviously I need to dress well)…which soon turned into me thinking about what colours I like…WHY AM I SPILLING OUT COMPLETE RUBBISH TO YOU ALL?! Sorry. Anyway…at some point during my bizarre trail of thought I got thinking about the idea of beauty. What makes a person beautiful? Who decided upon the image that defines beauty? These questions confuse me…where did it all originate? Weird me also gets freaked out about space – again, why am I telling you this…another time.

Snap back to beauty Sasha.

Well, as my title says – beauty is a bitch.

Beauty is based on looks – if beauty had a name it would be Shallow Hal – judging on looks. IT SHOULDN’T BE LIKE THIS!!!

I am a soppy believer in that everyone is beautiful in their own way (obviously apart from murderers, thieves etc etc). So, when you ask me what defines beauty I would say a personality. But, unfortunately, I would also say looks. A beautiful personality consists of happiness, someone who is caring, charitable, there for you. A beautiful face consists of Kate Moss, Miranda Kerr, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie…need I go on?

My point is that it is unfair that people are deemed beautiful by what they look like. I mean, sure, Naomi Campbell is beautiful but, let’s face it, she’s a b***** (aka bitch). I wish people looked like their personalities. Wow. That would be interesting.

Anyway….I feel that I have met a time in my blogging life whereby I am going to pose you all a question:

A Dude Snogging Another Dude

Politics causes controversy. Politics causes wars. Politics causes people to laugh. Seriously, politics is a joke.

So, why do fashion houses sometimes place a political twist in their work? Is it to highlight the silly-side of the parties? Or is it to create an outcry? Hmm, I wonder…


So, United Colours of Benetton created the UNHATE campaign, which does as it says – unhate. To me, this advert is pure excellence. Homosexuality is one of the most conflicted subjects (in my opinion there should be absolutely no conflict over the matter, gays are great – their confidence should be celebrated…but that’s for another time) and the advert highlights it. We’ve got The Big O snogging the President of Venezuela – WOWEEEE. When I first saw this image I was taken back. Such a simple idea but such a powerful meaning. You see, people are very particular as to who they pay attention to and who they pray to – anything done in this realm may face drama (and we are talking proper Glee, theatrical, crazy drama). Inevitably, United Colours of Benetton got shouted at by a couple here, and a couple there…but did they care? No. They didn’t care if this image caused havoc. They just wanted to get the message across to basically forget the idiots and lead your own life. Fashion is definitely using its power in this instant.

Fashion has definitely done itself right here. It’s telling people to screw politics – do what you want (apart from murder, never murder!). The industry itself is an outlet. It allows a person to express themselves in a visual way. However, some are intimidated by the fashion industry; they think that it’s all about fitting in. This campaign says otherwise. It’s telling us that its ok to be who we want and do what we want. RESPECT. In a world where people lack confidence, this is damn right handing confidence out on a plate. If Obama can kiss a guy (real or not) then any guy can kiss a guy…dur, surely it’s a trend.

At the beginning of this post I asked three things:

1. Why do fashion houses sometimes place a political twist in their work?

2. Is it to highlight the silly-side of the parties?

3. Or is it to create an outcry?

My answers:

1. Fashion houses add political twists to their work to show people that politics is bleurgh – people can do what they want, say what they want, wear what they want (I’ve ran out of wants but you get the point). Society shouldn’t be defined by what a couple of dudes say. I think fashion tries to push the idea of freedom. This is why they sometimes use (what some would refer to as) political nightmares.

2. Hmm. It’s not really to highlight the silly-side. If anything, politics is sad, not silly. Again, fashion just wants people to know its ok to be who you want to be. Politics is stupid, yes, but is homosexuality stupid or silly, no. It’s life. Whereas politics is a structure, life is a freedom…some people don’t like freedom but then again, these people are idiots.

3. DEFINITELY. What is fashion without outcry? We know fashion loves the attention. Gosh. It loves the camera on it 24/7. Stirring up politics. Yeah…that’s definitely gonna cause a scene.

Cross-eyed Models by Storm

The modelling industry has made the right turn in my books…there’s a first time for everything, eh? Typically, the industry hires the skinniest, perfect looking beauties. But a new recruit at Storm models is about to take the industry by Storm (literally). The world renown company have decided to take on an imperfect girl. Yet, who said imperfect doesn’t mean perfect? It does. Especially in the case of Moffy the cross-eyed model.


She’s a stunning girl, right? Fabulous facial proportions and different. Unique. Something new. I cannot begin to tell you all how bored I am of seeing multiple Miranda Kerr’s and Candice Swanepoel’s modelling the catwalk. IT GETS BORING, YOU KNOW! I don’t want to see the typical beauty every single time I look at a front cover – I want something awkwardly innovative. I want more Moffy’s. Such a cool name by the way. The photographer who worked with Moffy for POP Magazine explained how ‘it’s always exciting to work with someone where there is uncertainty about how it might work out.’ Let me tell you something hun, it’s not just exciting for you. 

Moffy is going to be a name the industry remembers forever. I have no doubt in my mind that she will make modelling agencies rethink who they hire. I mean, COME ON – who wants to see the same, boring face every day? Not me. Not you. Nobody. Fashion breaks boundaries…but then again, so does modelling.


Why Cant a Woman Balance a Crown?

So, Venezuela won the Miss Universe title this year. Miss Universe. What a stupid contest. I’m not a radical feminist or anything but how stupid is the concept of Miss Universe? So stupid…potentially more stupid than some of the contestants? Nahh, not that stupid. The idea of having one girl representing each country through the way they look and their “talents” baffles me. Why should these women win based on what they look like?! Call me boring, old-fashioned and whatever else you want, but Miss Universe should be Miss I’m-So-Up-Myself-I-Am-Beutiful-Hey-There’s-A-Pig!

The women in the competition are all gorgeous, and admittedly I’d love to look like any of them, but they are also representing, what I like to call, (drum roll please) the corruption of confidence. The show is based on:

  • Looks
  • Body
  • Talent(less)
  • Costumes
  • And other stupid, irrelevant things

Who cares if these women have a good body, can dress up like their country – WHO CARES WHO CARES WHO CARES…as you can see, the thought of the competition annoys me. Surely, there should be a Miss Universe competition based on real talent and real life-ambitions. There should be a competition held to acknowledge the progress women have made from becoming unequals to near-equals. I would love to watch a competition between women who have gained confidence after going through a specific ordeal, or one about certain goals women have – that would show a hell of a lot more than what lipstick a woman wears to make her lips look plump and pretty.

What’s more is that this ridiculous competition adds to what I keep blabbing on about…..the non-average body size, which makes others feel unconfident. I don’t think there was one contestant in the Miss Universe competition who was a size 12+. Don’t get em wrong, these women have amazing bodies and they aren’t too thin, but it would be nice to see a competitor who had a few curves here and there. This would definitely promote a more globally average body size. I’m sure this is what the competition is about. Finding the most gorgeous women. Well, curvy women can also be gorgeous and there should definitely be more contestants on the larger-size front.

However…we must congratulate Miss Venezuela. ROUND OF APPLAUSE PLEASE, GUYS. But, maybe next time the judges can pcik a winner who knows how to balance a crown on their head…