An Endless Blurb of Ill Thoughts, Starting With Red-Noses Being in Fashion

Winter is finally here, which means one thing…I HAVE TURNED INTO RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER. God help me! This morning my faces was caressed by icy air – my nostrils froze from coldness and my sorely red lips dried up in an instance (they literally looked like dried tomatoes). So glam, I know. I attempted to wrap up warm in my jumper and super padded puffa jacket, but it just wasn’t enough. Emotional. I am now dreading to think of how I am going to survive the bitterly cold months ahead.

I’m writing this post at 7:13pm whilst wrapped up in bed wearing a vest, hoodie, tracksuit bottoms, socks and a scarf…yes, a scarf. You see, I am trying to fight this illness. I am trying to fight the deadly plague that winter chooses to bring a long with him very year. The only thing that could make me feel better now is a cup of tea (MUM COME HOME AND MAKE ME SOME!) and my Vogue magazine, which is ironically laying next to me.

Why is it ironic my Vogue is casually relaxing by my side? Well, Kate Moss is on the cover and she looks fab…unlike myself at this moment in time with my vaseline nose. Mossy is looking ever so snug in her jumper – she knows how to fight the weather in style. So does every other feature in Vogue that references the brisk weather. This, to me, is unrealistic. Gosh I do love looking at photos of Kate but, for once, I would love to see her with a red nose, tucked up in bed like all us fashion wannabes – will we ever see the real side to these sassy supermodels? I hope so.

Every girl likes to look pretty the whole time, but I think we all know this isn’t the case. When a girl feels ill internally, she thinks she looks gross externally – fact of life, we all go through it ladies. I would love to see Naomi Campbell, Miranda Kerr or Rosie Huntington-Whitely looking real. It’s life! We all get colds and Rudolph noses once in a while. Fashion has a way of taking a subject and photographing it in such a creative, fascinating and intriguing way, but what happened to the more personal images in fashion? The images where we get an insight into the authentic lives of top-fashion models and editors? Surely, by showing the readers that we all suffer days of ugliness, it will create a more truthful relationship between the reader and writer.

I am a Vogue lover. If it were a person, I would marry it. Every month I look forward to getting my beautiful, shiny gift. But, in some way, I do feel detached from the magazine. I would love to see pages of polaroid images or black and white pics that depict the real lives of people – how they live, what they do, who they hang out with. However…to me, these people do not even need to be famous. As I said fashion is to do with getting out the old and incorporating the new. A new life a month. That would make a great few pages in magazines. I volunteer myself.


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