We All Judge People on Looks – Face It

Fashion is a bitch. Simple as. If you wear something ‘gross’ or ‘hideous’, then, well, fashion will get its scissors and cut you in the back (notice what I did there, clever me). You see, a certain fact within the fashion industry is that what fashion says, goes. If you are an anomaly to this rule then, you are equivalent to an Ugly Betty (hell, I miss this show!).

I for one do not agree with this at all. Why is fashion so bitchy?! Surely fashion should be about expressing yourself through clothing and colours and materials and textures and…the list goes on so I’m gonna stop myself there. Style is about expression, it’s the visual form of your voice. If I see someone in the street wearing wacky colours and radical shoes then I think “man, this person must be the most interesting person to speak too.” FASHION = A HIDDEN VOICE. It’s true that we should never judge a book by its cover. However, in today’s society, everyone judges a person by what they look like. It’s a fact. Even if you think you don’t do this, you do. When walking down the street you can’t instantly judge a person by what they say because they may not speak to you, so your analysis of the person lies with what they wear. Sad but true. Very true. In fact one of the truest parts of the modern world. Fashion doesn’t help the situation.

When you look through a magazine or go window-shopping, you know what’s seen as fashionable for the season through the items of clothing you see. If someone completely breaks this rule then fashion views them as an outcast. God forbid something should go against Miss Anna Wintour, right? Wrong. This is one of the most screwed up things in high-fashion. Because fashion is a form of expression, people should feel comfortable in wearing what they want. They needn’t feel judged by walking into Prada (example) wearing an out-there outfit. Fashion should embrace the crazy amount of diversity going on in the world! Unfortunately, it doesn’t do this. Yes, people are free to wear what they want, but my point is that the hot-designers establish boundaries and it is ‘unimaginable’ for some of these designers that people should break these boundaries.

I embedded a clip from Fashion Police at the top of this post. For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s about a group of people who (mostly) slag off celebrities outfits – however much I disagree with this programme it is trés funny. Anyway, the point of putting this video here is to show you an example of how brutal fashion can be. It is just soooo incredibly wrong for people to be judged on what they wear. If someone feels comfortable and beautiful within themselves then who cares if anyone else likes it?! Ok, I get people want to look good for others because I am totally like that myself, but if I wear an outfit that nobody else likes, I still feel friggin’ awesome if I feel cool in it. And why shouldn’t I?

Anway, welcome to the weird world of fashion. The industry where freedom means freak.


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