Skinny vs Realistic

Skinny vs Realistic

So, I was reading the Daily Mail the other day (could’ve been yesterday, could’ve been today – I really cannot remember for the life of me) and upon seeing it I quite literally sighed. A sigh of relief of course. Finally, a store that realises mannequins are stupid because they are incredibly unrealistic…and a store that also notes the importance of promoting the realistic body image. PENNIES HAVE DROPPED. Are retail stores now going to advertise their products using average-sized people? I really hope so.

Having real-life sized mannequins in stores do a hell of a lot more than make clothes look pretty. They are going to drive confidence levels up to 10000%. If a “large” person walked into a shop and saw size 12 clothes modelled on mannequins rather than size 6, they’re going to think that they are a good, healthy, attractive size – this is the way it should be!

I just pray to god that fashion adverts move in this direction. Oh the things size 12 models can do for self-esteem issues…


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