Why Cant a Woman Balance a Crown?

So, Venezuela won the Miss Universe title this year. Miss Universe. What a stupid contest. I’m not a radical feminist or anything but how stupid is the concept of Miss Universe? So stupid…potentially more stupid than some of the contestants? Nahh, not that stupid. The idea of having one girl representing each country through the way they look and their “talents” baffles me. Why should these women win based on what they look like?! Call me boring, old-fashioned and whatever else you want, but Miss Universe should be Miss I’m-So-Up-Myself-I-Am-Beutiful-Hey-There’s-A-Pig!

The women in the competition are all gorgeous, and admittedly I’d love to look like any of them, but they are also representing, what I like to call, (drum roll please) the corruption of confidence. The show is based on:

  • Looks
  • Body
  • Talent(less)
  • Costumes
  • And other stupid, irrelevant things

Who cares if these women have a good body, can dress up like their country – WHO CARES WHO CARES WHO CARES…as you can see, the thought of the competition annoys me. Surely, there should be a Miss Universe competition based on real talent and real life-ambitions. There should be a competition held to acknowledge the progress women have made from becoming unequals to near-equals. I would love to watch a competition between women who have gained confidence after going through a specific ordeal, or one about certain goals women have – that would show a hell of a lot more than what lipstick a woman wears to make her lips look plump and pretty.

What’s more is that this ridiculous competition adds to what I keep blabbing on about…..the non-average body size, which makes others feel unconfident. I don’t think there was one contestant in the Miss Universe competition who was a size 12+. Don’t get em wrong, these women have amazing bodies and they aren’t too thin, but it would be nice to see a competitor who had a few curves here and there. This would definitely promote a more globally average body size. I’m sure this is what the competition is about. Finding the most gorgeous women. Well, curvy women can also be gorgeous and there should definitely be more contestants on the larger-size front.

However…we must congratulate Miss Venezuela. ROUND OF APPLAUSE PLEASE, GUYS. But, maybe next time the judges can pcik a winner who knows how to balance a crown on their head…



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