Cross-eyed Models by Storm

The modelling industry has made the right turn in my books…there’s a first time for everything, eh? Typically, the industry hires the skinniest, perfect looking beauties. But a new recruit at Storm models is about to take the industry by Storm (literally). The world renown company have decided to take on an imperfect girl. Yet, who said imperfect doesn’t mean perfect? It does. Especially in the case of Moffy the cross-eyed model.


She’s a stunning girl, right? Fabulous facial proportions and different. Unique. Something new. I cannot begin to tell you all how bored I am of seeing multiple Miranda Kerr’s and Candice Swanepoel’s modelling the catwalk. IT GETS BORING, YOU KNOW! I don’t want to see the typical beauty every single time I look at a front cover – I want something awkwardly innovative. I want more Moffy’s. Such a cool name by the way. The photographer who worked with Moffy for POP Magazine explained how ‘it’s always exciting to work with someone where there is uncertainty about how it might work out.’ Let me tell you something hun, it’s not just exciting for you. 

Moffy is going to be a name the industry remembers forever. I have no doubt in my mind that she will make modelling agencies rethink who they hire. I mean, COME ON – who wants to see the same, boring face every day? Not me. Not you. Nobody. Fashion breaks boundaries…but then again, so does modelling.



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