A Dude Snogging Another Dude

Politics causes controversy. Politics causes wars. Politics causes people to laugh. Seriously, politics is a joke.

So, why do fashion houses sometimes place a political twist in their work? Is it to highlight the silly-side of the parties? Or is it to create an outcry? Hmm, I wonder…


So, United Colours of Benetton created the UNHATE campaign, which does as it says – unhate. To me, this advert is pure excellence. Homosexuality is one of the most conflicted subjects (in my opinion there should be absolutely no conflict over the matter, gays are great – their confidence should be celebrated…but that’s for another time) and the advert highlights it. We’ve got The Big O snogging the President of Venezuela – WOWEEEE. When I first saw this image I was taken back. Such a simple idea but such a powerful meaning. You see, people are very particular as to who they pay attention to and who they pray to – anything done in this realm may face drama (and we are talking proper Glee, theatrical, crazy drama). Inevitably, United Colours of Benetton got shouted at by a couple here, and a couple there…but did they care? No. They didn’t care if this image caused havoc. They just wanted to get the message across to basically forget the idiots and lead your own life. Fashion is definitely using its power in this instant.

Fashion has definitely done itself right here. It’s telling people to screw politics – do what you want (apart from murder, never murder!). The industry itself is an outlet. It allows a person to express themselves in a visual way. However, some are intimidated by the fashion industry; they think that it’s all about fitting in. This campaign says otherwise. It’s telling us that its ok to be who we want and do what we want. RESPECT. In a world where people lack confidence, this is damn right handing confidence out on a plate. If Obama can kiss a guy (real or not) then any guy can kiss a guy…dur, surely it’s a trend.

At the beginning of this post I asked three things:

1. Why do fashion houses sometimes place a political twist in their work?

2. Is it to highlight the silly-side of the parties?

3. Or is it to create an outcry?

My answers:

1. Fashion houses add political twists to their work to show people that politics is bleurgh – people can do what they want, say what they want, wear what they want (I’ve ran out of wants but you get the point). Society shouldn’t be defined by what a couple of dudes say. I think fashion tries to push the idea of freedom. This is why they sometimes use (what some would refer to as) political nightmares.

2. Hmm. It’s not really to highlight the silly-side. If anything, politics is sad, not silly. Again, fashion just wants people to know its ok to be who you want to be. Politics is stupid, yes, but is homosexuality stupid or silly, no. It’s life. Whereas politics is a structure, life is a freedom…some people don’t like freedom but then again, these people are idiots.

3. DEFINITELY. What is fashion without outcry? We know fashion loves the attention. Gosh. It loves the camera on it 24/7. Stirring up politics. Yeah…that’s definitely gonna cause a scene.


One thought on “A Dude Snogging Another Dude

  1. Politics affects everything in life it isn’t just about government, it’s about society and lifestyle, describing it as ‘a joke’, ‘stupid’ and ‘bleurgh’ seems immature. Politics doesn’t start wars or cause controversy; politics is wars and controversy. I think that this argument needs to be reassessed sorry x

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