Beauty is a Bitch

I’m sitting in a bubble bath blogging with my phone in my right hand and Vogue in my left with a cup of tea perched on the floor next to me – heaven. This is literally the epitome of relaxation and perfection. Two minutes ago my phone wasn’t in my hand, but a girl has thoughts, and when a girl has thoughts she needs to get them out! Hence, the blogging in the bath situation.

Oddly enough I’ve been sitting here thinking about my next blog post. That thought lead on to me wondering what to wear tomorrow (I’ve started a one-month placement at Now magazine so obbbbvvvvviously I need to dress well)…which soon turned into me thinking about what colours I like…WHY AM I SPILLING OUT COMPLETE RUBBISH TO YOU ALL?! Sorry. Anyway…at some point during my bizarre trail of thought I got thinking about the idea of beauty. What makes a person beautiful? Who decided upon the image that defines beauty? These questions confuse me…where did it all originate? Weird me also gets freaked out about space – again, why am I telling you this…another time.

Snap back to beauty Sasha.

Well, as my title says – beauty is a bitch.

Beauty is based on looks – if beauty had a name it would be Shallow Hal – judging on looks. IT SHOULDN’T BE LIKE THIS!!!

I am a soppy believer in that everyone is beautiful in their own way (obviously apart from murderers, thieves etc etc). So, when you ask me what defines beauty I would say a personality. But, unfortunately, I would also say looks. A beautiful personality consists of happiness, someone who is caring, charitable, there for you. A beautiful face consists of Kate Moss, Miranda Kerr, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie…need I go on?

My point is that it is unfair that people are deemed beautiful by what they look like. I mean, sure, Naomi Campbell is beautiful but, let’s face it, she’s a b***** (aka bitch). I wish people looked like their personalities. Wow. That would be interesting.

Anyway….I feel that I have met a time in my blogging life whereby I am going to pose you all a question:


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