Beckham’s Clothes for £20 – FACT.

Yesterday I went to the David and Victoria Beckham charity sale. AMAZING. Honestly, if I was a size 4 and was allowed to purchase more than one item then I would basically have VB’s wardrobe in my room right now. I’m being serious. The items were seriously cheap – £25 for a Fendi scarf and £75 for a Dolce & Gabbana jacket..paaleeeease! The event was literally the bargain-hunt of the season. As embarrassing as it was, I was drooling over the clothes…as well as the fact the MOST AMAZING COUPLE IN THE WORLD had touched the clothes I was touching (especially you Dave ;)).


(me wearing my future husband’s hat – practically engaged)

However (yes, I know you were all expecting a ‘however’), the sale got me thinking (yes, I know you were all expecting a ‘got me thinking’) about what fashion does for charity (by fashion I am referring to clothes). In a quick answer: fashion does a hell of a lot for charity. Let me expand…

People love clothes. People love to look good. People love designer. And people love celebrities. So, what do we get when celebrities put their designer clothes on sale? People who think they look good in anything with a label.

Let me expand even more…

Celebrities eventually become household names – it’s true. I refer to Victoria as Viccy because, you know, we are bffe’s. Anyway…when people can grab an item from anyone who is the slightest bit famous, they think they’ve got a catch. And truthfully, they have. There is no denying that people would be prepared to spend triple the amount of money for a pair of David Beckham‘s shoes that are also sold brand new in a shop next door, just because they’re Beckham’s. Fame = value. It’s crazy to think that a person (including myself) is prepared to spend money on the most unnecessary things just because the item has a celeb stamp.

So, how does this helps charities? Muahaha, what a silly question. If a charity store, such as British Red Cross or Oxfam has, I dunno, Lady Gaga’s clothes for sell for an extremely low price people will go crazy. Crazy to the extent that they’ll buy as much as they can. Buying leads to $$$ cachiiiiing – charities you’ve one.

It’s all about the mind, you see. If Oxfam is filled with famous people’s clothing then it’s bound to do a hell of a lot better than if it’s full of clothes from Primark. Fact. I expect to see a lot more celebrities donating their clothes and a lot more queues outside charity shops…

But will my prediction come true?



One thought on “Beckham’s Clothes for £20 – FACT.

  1. In some ways this is true. However, this only works for a certain “type” of celebrity. The clothes sold in a celebrity charity sale also have the elusive stamp of being from a charity. This actually has a negative effect on the conspicuous value of the clothes. Especially if this is a widely broadcasted event. For example if Lady Gage sold t-shirts in an Oxfam store for 20 pounds each, followed by a huge ad campaign promoting the clothes, there might not be huge return as people would generally associate the clothes with being cheap and from a charity store. No matter who was behind them.

    Charities and stores like H&M have to bear the thin line between selling clothes for too little and keeping the image of exclusivity. One perfect example of how this works would be the Air Yeezys sold by Kanye and Nike.

    Anyway I love the posts, Keep up the good work!

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