Hit the Road BITCH


I hate bitches.

But….but….but….I’m going to have to get used to them – fashion is the industry I want to go into and  fashion is a holy biatch.

Why did the concept of being a bitch pop into my head, you ask? (I know you haven’t asked me but it’s for dramatic effect). WELL today I had to be one. Every girl has their moment of starlight when they are the bitch from hell, and unfortunately that was me. 

Today I had to create a gallery of celebrities with big noses. I felt soooooo bad taking the pics and writing snooty captions like ‘wow, what a big beak she has on her face,’ but it had to be done. I had to please my audience, I had to make my audience laugh and I had to make sure the gallery would get tons of views. I have shocked myself. I have been a bitch in order to please others. But, is it really my fault? I know that celebrities are people and have real feelings and bla bla bla, but surely they can chew through the beef? I don’t know. All I know is that I felt awful.

Then a light-bulb went off in my head.

The fashion industry is seen as one of THE bitchiest industries an innocent girl can enter. Girls will pull your hair, bite your neck, rip your outfit to shreds. Deal with it. That’s what fashion says, isn’t it – deal with it? You wanna make it, you gotta pull up your pants, get a grip and face the brutality of reality. THIS MAKES ME LAUGH. I know that the world is evil and people are mean but come on!!!!!!! Fashionistas, like Anna Wintour and Naomi Campbell and other known bitches, don’t need make others feel inferior – that’s not reality is like. That’s what fashion is like. If you’re not at the top of the food-chain in the fashion industry then you are pure, red meat to all the editors, fashion agencies, models etc. out there. 

When I work at Vogue (one day please god) I know I will have to go in there with steel armour.

This is all so ridiculous though.

Fashion is about being creative, fun and energetic – some of the well-known personalities in the industry defeat this.

How can someone show off their real personality when they are petrified of their very own mentor? So much for fashion being about freedom.

My point is that everyone can be a bitch. Everyone is a bitch – girls especially on that time of the month. But bitchiness shouldn’t be used to make others feel small and belittled. PREACH IT SASH.


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