OMG You Are Just So Fake Babe

Behold: I have entered the magical world of press releases.

The gorgeous foods, the fab clothes, the suck-up PR’s and…the free goody bags – yeaaaaaaah man.

It’s quite funny how far a brand, or even a person, will go to in order to get a good name. So funny I could LAUGH OUT LOUD – not.

Over my two-weeks of attending plenty of Spring/Summer 2014 collection events I have discovered that if you’re from a well-known publication then you’re going to get spoilt. And I love getting spoilt. In fact I’ve collected a nice amount of gifts from different brands over the weeks including vouchers, make-up, tops, and, last of all, marshmallows, which were disgusting (the looked like tofu and tasted like salt).


Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 18.25.23


Yummy treats at yesterday’s QVC event

You see, I love suck-ups. Suck-ups know about good customer service and treating the customer correctly. They know about their product and they know about their audience. As long as they are in the know then go get ’em tigers. HOWEVER. And, yes, there is a however (again). Where does the line lay between a suck-up and someone being overly-friendly in order for you to write something positive about them?


To be very honest, I don’t know.

In my opinion this is the difference:

The suck-up: the ‘suck-up’ is a creature who means no harm. They want you to be comfortable and to enjoy their products. This animal is not so dissimilar to a hamster. Very calm and content in their own surroundings, but ready to pounce when they see someone looking rather uncomfortable (I know, a hamster is totally the wrong animal). The SU only wants the best for its customers, taking you around and telling you about the products. Suck-ups are so adorable.

The over-friendly: the two-faced animal who acts as if you are there for them. They want you to only speak good things about them – hence the over-dramatic act they play to your face. Yet, if someone more important walks through the door, they are gone in a second, kind of like Randall from Monsters Inc. (I am a Monsters Inc. fan, yes). When you’re done they don’t want to know how you found the collection, they just want you to take the goody bag and go.

This is my opinion anyway. I may be wrong. In your opinion, the two types may be the same act – but not in mine. But then again, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, and everyone is different. I just think that it’s easy to see through someone:

Real eyes realise real lies.




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