Fashion Beats Religion

Religion and fashion.

Again, two very controversial subjects; religion being the most.

The idea of fashion breaking religion is an idea that constantly pops in my mind (well, not constantly, probably only once…this morning). Religion has strict rules about how people dress. For example, being a Jewish girl, I know the ‘respectable’ way to dress is by covering your knees and shoulders, and I know that burka’s are required for religious Muslims.

Therefore, surely every single brand in fashion breaks religion.

I know I’m going VERY extreme here, but it’s just a thought.

Literally every shop on the high-street and elsewhere sells vest tops, mini skirts, hot pants, lingerie etc. – items that the average girl has learnt to love (apart from hot pants, which have been and will always be a massive no no!). If you think about it, all these shops are technically breaking the views of religion. They are selling disrespectful clothes that show off ass and cleavage – but nobody has said anything to these shops. Why? Because, the majority are going to follow their own minds as opposed to what priests and rabbis say should be worn.

Some of you may be thinking that comparing religion to fashion is too extreme for a girl whose blogging in bed. But seriously! How do these religions expect people to ‘wear the right thing’ when high-street shops don’t sell it?! They can’t. Unless you are dedicated, in my opinion. Surely, fashion decides what people wear and not a Bible? If Topshop sold long skirts and high-necked jumpers all year round then yes, people would be dressing respectively but in the name of fashion – not God. Therefore, fashion will always lead the way for what people wear.

Most people are more likely to follow fashion trends as opposed to religious outfits. Am I wrong?

So, there’s for my morning rant.

I am now going to do some shopping.


One thought on “Fashion Beats Religion

  1. So much is also open to interpretation. I am no religious nut but think that how one behaves is way more important than what one wears – a bit like going to church / mosque / synagogue / temple etc does not make one pious and a better person IMHO. Hey thanks for the follow, be checking out more of your site, MM 🍀

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