A Barbie Dilemma


A toy.

An “attractive” toy.

Skinny, blonde, pretty…very pretty.

But, again, just a toy that kids play around with.

So, is it necessary for there to be a plus-size Barbie doll?


Children from a young age (around 3 or 4) play with Barbie up until the age of around, I don’t know, 8. It’s questionable whether or not these kids analyse what the Barbie looks like. I mean, they’re only kids. Do they care that Barbie is skinny? Are they influenced by Barbie’s weight? I’m not so sure.

When I was growing up, I never looked at Barbie as a role model and I never aspired to look like her. Yes, I know, I’m only one in six billion, but still, children don’t focus on their weight. They see cake, they want cake. They see sweets, guess what, they want sweets. I know I’m basically calling children naïve, but I think my point is fair.

Children play with Barbie, they don’t aspire to Barbie. 


So, the other argument is that there should be plus-sized Barbies. And I also agree with this argument.


It’s important for youngsters to acknowledge that not everyone has a perfect body. There are loads of different figures contained in the small world and the earlier the age that people recognise this, the less they are likely to aspire to being a size-0 model. Perfect.

If people saw a curvier Barbie on the shelf then, BAM, Barbie would gain a lot more respect. The doll would reflect the average person. Kids could potentially become more likely to not care if they are a bit chubbier than the models. If it’s ok for Barbie to be voluptuous, then it’s ok for them. 


There are many arguments for a plus-sized Barbie and a few against. 

If you want my honest opinion.

I dont’ think it’s necessary. I mean, it’s kids who play with the doll. Kids who are likely to be at an unimpressionable age.

Click on this link for the Barbie campaign:


Fat Ass

I hope you all had a LOVELY Christmas.

I am currently lying in bed reflecting on the king-sized Christmas lunch I had, as well as the monster Boxing day lunch. Gosh. What a lot of food. Guilty.

Now I need to join the gym.

One thing I don’t get is people who diet during Christmas. What the hell! How is that possible? Christmas is all about indulging and livening your tastebuds. So, being on a diet on Christmas is farts. It’s useless. There is no point. 

To me, if you’re prepared to diet on Christmas then you are body obsessed. It’s the holiday where you’re meant to have fun with your family – how can dieting and resisting amazing, incredible food be ‘fun’? It cant.

Sometimes, and I’m not just referring to Christmas, people like to put their body before their family and friends. ‘Can we meet up this weekend?’ ‘No, I’m going to the gym’…..’Are you able to make it to my birthday lunch?’ ‘No, I’m on a diet.’ DO ME A FAVOUR. The gym can wait and so can your rabbit food. 

As you can see, rant rant rant. Sorry for the short post, I just had to, well, pour my heart out.

A Youthful Snap

Vogue has a rule: don’t use faces, in the magazine, that are younger than 16.

If Vogue implements this rule, then surely it should stick to this rule.

Apparently not.

For Vogue Mexico’s November issue, it was decided that the 15-year-old Julia Borawska would strike some poses for the cameras.

Tut, tut, tut Vogue. Breaking your own rules…again…for the third time. If you can’t stick to your own rules then don’t make them!

Vogue is a highly respected magazine and for it to constantly break the moral and ethical boundaries is wrong. If it wants people to admire it’s work and view it as an important publication then it should avoid humiliation by BLATANTLY breaking rules. Rules are there for a reason. The initiative wouldn’t be enforced for the sake of it. There’s a reason why Vogue doesn’t photograph those under 16.

Personally I don’t really see anything wrong with photographing someone under age. As long as the images aren’t provocative, are getting paid a wage and have the consent of the child AND the parent, then what’s the issue? Why the hell not? Yes, working at a young age may be morally incorrect but it’s not as if it’s slave labour. It’s a girl having fun on a shoot and making some money while she’s at it! There’s nothing wrong with that.

I guess the issue comes in with body image (surprise, surprise). If a young girl starts modelling form an even younger age, then that girl will grow up in an image conscious industry. She won’t want carbs, nor will she be prepared to even imagine being a size 10. It’s sad really. An early-teen can’t have a bit of fun because of fears of her future. But, that’s life. Always gotta think forward.


The photo above is of Julia Borawska…stunning, right?! She looks triple my age.

Now my insecurities are coming out!

Australia’s ‘Fatties’

Australia has one of the highest obesity rates in the world.

So, why is it that most of its shops only sell clothes up to a size 12?

One of my readers, who’s from London but is travelling around in Australia (so jealous!)  sent me a message yesterday saying:

‘Here, in Australia, most shops do not have clothing items higher then a UK12… luckily for me I am a 12, but I’ve noticed this. A few of the expensive ones go up to a 14 but that’s about it, which I think is pretty awful as the average size in the UK is a 16, and how Australia is known to be one of the countries with the highest obesity rate.’ 

If someone who is only travelling around Australia can get annoyed about this, how do we think those that live in Australia, who are a size 14+, feel? Pretty crap.

It’s not right for stores to sell clothes in sizes they think are acceptable. It probably makes people feel as though their weight makes them unable to look cool, fashionable, sexy. People shouldn’t need to feel like this. ANYONE can look good in WHATEVER clothes they wear. Stores have no right to choose what is classified as a ‘trendy weight’ and an ‘unfashionable weight.’

Not only that but the average size in Australia is a 16. A 16! Stores can’t expect a size 16 person to fit into a size 12! They should sell their items accordingly. Size 16 isn’t a bad size. Yes, the number has negative connotations attached to it but it’s a perfectly nice size to be. It means the girls can show off their curves. You all know I’m a big fan of curves.

It’s just, I don’t get the brains behind these shops. Do they think that by selling items up to a size 12 people are going to lose weight to fit into the clothes? Is it some sort of ‘hidden’ weight loss programme? Probably not. It’s probably a bunch of snooty shop owners who don’t want ‘fat people’ wearing their clothes. Well, let me tell you mr shop owner, your shops image is made worse by only selling small size clothing. Much worse. Don’t discriminate. You’re shop’s the stupid one now.

If I feel bad reading about it, then it saddens me to think how bad people must feel living it.

Christmas Jumper Gag

Christmas jumpers. 

You either love them or hate them.

I hate them.

Before you label me as the grinch let me just express my love for the most wonderful time of the yearI LOVE Christmas. It’s the time of year where everyone is happy. Why? Because Christmas time = present time and NOTHING…NOTHING beats presents. Not only that but, as cheesy as this sounds, it’s the time of year where all the family get together. So cute! 

But back to the Christmas jumpers…

They are so gross! 

No offence but who the hell would go out their way to buy a bright red wooly jumper with a big fat snowman that has a 3D nose. Nobody. Fine, I accept that people like to get into the Christmas spirit by going to the extreme and decorating their houses with pretty fairy lights but seriously…Xmas jumpers is just pushing the line. To me, they are some sort of joke. They’re taking the p*** a bit. But some people like that and that’s, well, fair enough.


I don’t mean to sound like a hypocrite but it’s sweet when families or friends have the tradition of wearing the Christmas jumper to lunch. It’s a laugh. But you see, that’s exactly it. It’s a laugh. It’s not something you wear to wow the crowds, nor is it something you wear to go out for lunch. It’s something you wear to giggle in and have fun.

This is all pretty ironic.

During winter, new fashion trends come out. Surely the traditional Christmas jumper is seen as a trend due to the amount of people prancing and dancing around in them? Shops sell them and models wear them.

So why, in the name of snow and all things holy, are they so popular? I’d love to know.

Lots of love

The Christmas jumper grinch

Fabulous Frocks


A casual Sunday rant…

Back in the old days (no offence mums, dads, grandparents etc) people used to make an effort with their outfits. If they were going on a moderately expensive outing, like to the theatre or for a fancy dinner, people made an effort. Women put on their stockings and heels and men were suited and booted.

It upsets me that this tradition has melted away.

Personally, I think it’s nice to dress up. Fancy clothes make for a more special occasion. They make you feel nicer and precious. These days hardly anyone makes an effort! It doesn’t upset me but it makes me feel as though people don’t care about what they look like. I mean, surely it makes your feel nicer when you oomph up your outfit. TRADITION HAS DIED – RIP. I love seeing men in suits – it makes them look super hot…but if you go to a top restaurant these days, they aren’t wearing shirts and trousers, they’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Boring.

As for us ladies, well, we do make more of an effort. Some only make an effort to impress the fella’s but whatever. Ladies seem to acknowledge the fact that to feel sexy and pretty, you have to make an effort. Well done gals. Round of applause.

I’m not sure why it is that people are more casual these days. I’m assuming it’s due to the different styles and trends of the era. The 21st century has turned the world into a jeans culture. A more laid back, relaxed style. Ok, it’s trendy to look casually chic, but it’s also nice to look elegantly chic. When I flick through magazines and surf the web for fashion tips it’s all about look ‘cool’. Where are all the adverts for wearing a sophisticated frock? What happened to constantly having to look smart?

I wish I had a reason to dress up everyday and get my hair/make-up done.


Cameron Diaz Strips!

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with something to blog about.

You go through a busy day full of action and then get home, eat, put on a trackie, get to your computer, go to type and…nothing.

I’m having one of those moments.

(10 minutes later)

I’m back!

I’ve found my inspiration and it’s something I totally respect!


The fabulous Cameron Diaz has gone make-up free for the cover of her new book The Body Book.

FINALLY! A celebrity who has the balls to go global without a dash of make-up on and not care.

Ok, so there may be a few airbrushing procedures in place BUT one step at a time. Right? I hope so.

The world renown celebrity has helped herself by adopting the natural look. She looks fab. Ageless. Gorgeous. Does she look better without make-up? In most ways yes…she looks more youthful. But, I guess everyone likes to wear a bit of make-up on a night out…so in a limited amount of ways, no, she doesn’t look better. But that’s besides the point. Cameron Diaz has taken a step to prove to people that make-up doesn’t help your body or your image. Make-up isn’t something you can hide behind. Yes, it gives a girl confidence and makes them feel beautiful and sexy. But, at the end of the day, it’s your body and mind that make you feel better – it’s all a deceiving game.

If you think positive, you’ll feel good. I guess that’s what her new books all about…

Anyway, I hope more celebs strip down to the minimum (make-up wise, not clothes wise you perves!) Because, let’s face it…the more celebs the strip, the more the public will strip.

And we all love a bit of strip…

Less is More, isn’t it Jennifer Lawrence….

The red carpet is like a stage. It’s a stage for celebrities, but it’s also a stage for the designers whose clothes are being modelled.

If you’ve made it to the red carpet then you’ve basically made it to fame. Everyone knows your name. You’re either loved or hated.

But I’m not here to talk about the significance of the red carpet because, this is a fashion blog, not a blog about the importance of pink carpet as opposed to black.

Recently, a lot of female celebs have decided that less is more. Less fabric calls for a sexier dress. Some may think that’s right because, let’s face it, we all love a bit of boob. But, for others, less is indeed not more.

So, let’s start with the ‘less is more’ category:


 Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 17.45.12

Stars have recently opted for outfits with sheer detailing. They want to show off their figures. And let’s face it, if you were Jennifer Lawrence then you’d also want to flaunt your figure. But this, in my opinion anyway, isn’t sexy. I mean, what’s sexy about giving boys what they want to see literally on a plate? As the saying goes ‘boys want what they can’t have.’ Ok, I admit these dresses are beautiful. I love sheer! But, I only love sheer fabrics when they are interpreted into the outfit…elegantly.

 Yes these dresses are sexy, but for the wrong reasons.They’re sexy because they’re giving skin. They’re showing what’s underneath the clothing. They are essentially revealing all. But we don’t want to know all, we want to guess…(well, guys do anyway).

Moving onto the ‘more is more’ category:

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 17.53.18

Dresses can cover you up but still look sexy. For example, you could wear a figure-hugging dress that covers you from top to toe  – but if you’re showing off your enviable curves then BOOM, you have sex appeal. But more to the point…surely it’s sexier to cover up and keep the boys guessing. Don’t give them what they want. Cover up and show them that ‘no, they can’t have it.’ Show them whose boss in your sexy outfit. I am really cringing myself out here so I’m going to move on from the ‘boy’ business.

Back in past fashion/stardom history, celebs covered up…and they rocked sex appeal. Take Marilyn Monroe. One of the most famous female sex icons. She never got her boobs or vajayjay out on the red carpet. She kept it simple. And everyone wanted her. Everyone also wanted to be her. Everyone still wants to be her. She was sexy because she showed off her fabulous curves and walked her outfit in complete confidence.


I’m going to leave it to you…

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The ‘Tubies’

Dun dun dun…


And this one is so random, to the point where I don’t even know why I’m sharing the thought with you all!

But anyway, here goes…

Coats. Jackets. Scarves. Hats.

When winter arrives, it’s as if everyone adheres to a uniform. A uniform of warmth.

Silly comment Sasha, yes I know. Everyone wraps up warm in layers because it’s cold out.

But…but…but…(I do have a point i’m just trying to dig it out in my confused head)


Isn’t it funny how although everyone dresses the same, it’s easy to tell the difference between them. As you know from reading my posts, people wear what they think. If they are wacky, eccentric personalities, then, in most cases, they’re going to wear wacky, eccentric clothes.

On my journey home from work I get very bored and instead of revising for my media law exam that’s coming up, I tend to study what people wear and I make up stories in my head about that person. Weird, I know. So here is my list of people’s:

  • Mr Practical – some people get on the train wearing waterproof, polyester zippies with hoods. Respect to these people. They are the ones who dresses practically and doesn’t care what they look like. So long as they are warm and shielded from any type of British weather condition then they are content. I wish I didn’t care what I looked like so I could be insulated like these guys.
  • Miss Fashionable – ok, admittedly this is me. Hold on though. I’m not saying ‘omg look at me I’m so fashionable woo,’ but I am saying that I like to look nice. I’ve grown up on the saying fashion is pain, or beauty is pain – I forgot what one. But anyway, I’d prefer to look good than to wear something more suitable for the weather. Last week it was FREEZING, like two degrees. But braving the forceful winds I stepped out in a t-shirt and blazer. Yes, a t-shirt and blazer. Says it all. However, I’m not ashamed. Most girls are probably like me.
  • The Workmen – they look suave in their suits. I always like a man in a suit. These guys don’t care. They are full-on businessmen and their suit represents them. They don’t feel the weather, or pain…or emotions. They sit on the train, reading the metro, not giving a **** about the weather. They survive. So long as they’re showing off the fact they are city men and have to wear suits to work, they’re cool. But I guess in business the tension gets a bit sweaty so a coat may be too much.
  • Parental duty-ett(e)s – the parents. Yes, the parents. They’ve rolled out of bed, wearing their pyjamas to go to the effort of taking their kids to school. They don’t care what they look like, as long as their kid is ok. Again, respect. Clap clap clap. I’d never walk out in my pyjamas, but these mama’s and dada’s only care about their little ones getting to school safely. How sweet.

I don’t mean to categorise people. I’m not trying to group people or stigmatise people. I’m just acknowledging the different people in the world. The people who care and the people who don’t. The people who are victims of fashion (aka me) and worry about what they look like/what they’re wearing…and the people who don’t care and wear whatever the hell they want.

I WISH that I was person number 2. Having gone through three colds, four sore throats and one gazillion dry noses, I think that sometimes fashion isn’t everything. Occasionally, admittedly, it’s better to be the physically brave.

So tomorrow, I’m going to wear my puffa jacket.

Nobody’s Perfect – Nobody.

One of my readers sent me the following photos and asked me my opinion on them…well, here you go:




Powerful stuff, huh?

The reader found these pics in an article on The Daily Mail under the headline:

‘Who is perfect, anyway?’: Charity creates mannequins based on the bodies of disabled people to raise awareness in the image-obsessed fashion world

  • Pro Infirmis, a Swiss organisation for people with disabilities, wanted to raise awareness that no one has a perfect body
  • Worked with people suffering from scoliosis (a curved spine), shortened limbs and a woman in a wheelchair
  • Each had a mannequin made to perfectly reflect their body shape which was then displayed in a high street store in Zurich’s main shopping street

This ended up being one of the most inspirational things I’ve come across within fashion.

These days everyone has hang-ups. They don’t like their figure, their size boobs or they have bad skin. But this is all minor compared to what some people suffer from. This is what these mannequins are telling us. Yes, mannequins are inanimate objects but in this case, they definitely speak out.

Everyone is obsessed with their looks these days. It’s crazy. I’m a victim of this. You’re a victim of this. You’re friends are victims of this. We ALL care about how we look – why? Because society says it’s important. Yet, how do we determine what ‘looking good’ means? We refer to fashion.

See, fashion focuses on a minority. It pays special attention to those who are supposedly ‘perfect’. The skinny, beautiful people of this world. It tends to exclude those who have a different body shape to the ‘fashion norm’. This is just so not fair. So, when I saw the photos of these mannequins, I thought wow. How amazing it must be for these people with disabilities. For these people to see that they are accepted by fashion is, well, amazing. Because, at the end of the day, these people are perfect. They get on with their day-to-day lives and the majority of them don’t complain. Bravo.

Nobody’s perfect. Nobody. There isn’t one person in the world that is 100% in the way they look, think, speak, feel etc. This collection of mannequins highlights this. It’s a reassurance. Not everyone’s perfect, but that’s ok. It makes us all human.

So, ask me my opinion on these images and my answer will be silence. Because I’m too busy appreciating the brilliance of them.

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