Power to the Lady Gaga’s Out There

I respect people who aren’t afraid of breaking norms.

When I go out, I love to see people dressing in a cool, eccentric style – it’s fun, exciting and, quite frankly, mesmerising to see the outfits that some people can pull out their wardrobes.

To a certain extent, I would say that we can thank celebrities confidence for our confidence.

Let me elaborate…

Lady Gaga = CRAZY…she’s mentally crazy (in a fun way obviously) and this is reflected in her extravagant outfits. 

Lady Gaga pushes boundaries. She makes statements. She puts her middle finger up to everyone else and wears to shock. To get people to speak about her. To create a large stamp on people’s minds.

It’s powerful stuff when you think about it.

Not a lot of people have the confidence to step into the big wide world wearing ballsy outfits, yet, I think that the more celebrities that shock us with their dress-sense, the more people will feel they can wear what they want without being threatened by the conservative public.


Picture this convo:

“What the HELL are you wearing?” asks person 1.

“A dress made out of human hair,” innocently replied person 2.

“You crazy lady!” shouts person 2.

“Gaga does it so I can do it,” says person 2 whilst sneering.

Ok…a bit of a daydreamy, not really gonna happen kinda conversation – I apologise (it is Monday and I am exhausted!).

My point is that people can pull anything off and if anyone questions it, they can reply by backing up their outfits with countless celebrities who break boundaries and defeat the rules. Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Lil Kim – only a few celebrities who do not give a crap about what media will say about them, or, what Joan Rivers will have to say about them on Fashion Police. 

Ok, so some of you may be thinking that the out-of-this-world ensembles that these infamous people wear are part of their character, their persona. It’s not real. DISAGREE. It must be friggin’ scary to make a name in this world in a way that YOU want to. Being abnormal and reversing the direction of doing something the right way is a terrifying thing to do, especially in such a judgemental world. People, even celebs, need confidence to pull it off. And they do. And I have no doubt in my mind that these celebrities have inspired others to wear what they want, do what they want, say what they want.

So, celebs may not be the main cause of people saying SCREW YOU to the world. But they definitely play a part. If people complain that skinny celebrities play a factor in teenagers becoming anorexic (I’m not disagreeing with this statement by the way), then they definitely play a factor in what people wear. It’s all about body image. 

Normal people would do anything to get their name recognised.

Becoming a fashion icon is step one.

People may not remember what your name is, what your opinion is, bla bla bla. Yet, they would definitely remember your name and opinion if you stepped out in a dress made out of skittles.



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