Victoria Beckham + Vogue = HEAVEN

So, my FAVOURITE person is guest editing the Vogue Paris Christmas edition…

Miss Victoria Beckham (yeeeeeeey)!

Breaking out of her Spice Girl’s name, the Posh princess is taking over from Emanuelle Alt – and I for one am incredibly excited. I never buy Vogue Paris, but this Xmas I’m going to have to make an exception.

Some say that only those with a ‘name’ can make it into a publication like Vogue. Famous fashionistas and ruled Ladies are regular freelances for this famous magazine. I guess VB being the editor-in-chief for the issue accentuates the point that your name can get you anywhere. However, Viccy (and I can call her that because I wore her husband’s hat) has made her label a HUGE success this year. She started as a singer who danced around in tacky outfits and is now one of the most respected brands.

Thus, although I don’t agree with only the well-known names or people made of money getting opportunities within fashion, I definitely think it’s cool that designers get rewarded for their work. They have money already so they don’t care about that. But, it’s definitely nice for them to be recognised in such a formal, rare way. We have to remember that they’re people too and that sometimes, they need a pat on the back a long with a thumbs up.

What’s happening with the Vogue Paris Christmas edition is definitely something fashion mags should experiment with some more.

It would be AWESOME to have upcoming designers getting their name known through editing a magazine. And imagine upcoming journalists getting a chance to work with a Vogue editor (PLEASEEEEEEEE ANNA!). Hmm, I kind of wish there was more of a fair chance of breaking into the fashion industry. That it wasn’t just about who you are and what you own – but that’s one for another day. As I said, it’s a great idea for designers to edit an issue. It adds edge to the magazine. It prevents the issue from being a replica of another. Fashion is all about change and versatility and Vogue Paris is definitely ahead of its time here.


I would literally do anything to be the Queen V in this photo. I would love her looks and would really appreciate her man. Please let me have him for a day Victoria – I promise I’ll look after him. Sorry, I mean I promise I’ll gawp and admire him all day.



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