Nobody’s Perfect – Nobody.

One of my readers sent me the following photos and asked me my opinion on them…well, here you go:




Powerful stuff, huh?

The reader found these pics in an article on The Daily Mail under the headline:

‘Who is perfect, anyway?’: Charity creates mannequins based on the bodies of disabled people to raise awareness in the image-obsessed fashion world

  • Pro Infirmis, a Swiss organisation for people with disabilities, wanted to raise awareness that no one has a perfect body
  • Worked with people suffering from scoliosis (a curved spine), shortened limbs and a woman in a wheelchair
  • Each had a mannequin made to perfectly reflect their body shape which was then displayed in a high street store in Zurich’s main shopping street

This ended up being one of the most inspirational things I’ve come across within fashion.

These days everyone has hang-ups. They don’t like their figure, their size boobs or they have bad skin. But this is all minor compared to what some people suffer from. This is what these mannequins are telling us. Yes, mannequins are inanimate objects but in this case, they definitely speak out.

Everyone is obsessed with their looks these days. It’s crazy. I’m a victim of this. You’re a victim of this. You’re friends are victims of this. We ALL care about how we look – why? Because society says it’s important. Yet, how do we determine what ‘looking good’ means? We refer to fashion.

See, fashion focuses on a minority. It pays special attention to those who are supposedly ‘perfect’. The skinny, beautiful people of this world. It tends to exclude those who have a different body shape to the ‘fashion norm’. This is just so not fair. So, when I saw the photos of these mannequins, I thought wow. How amazing it must be for these people with disabilities. For these people to see that they are accepted by fashion is, well, amazing. Because, at the end of the day, these people are perfect. They get on with their day-to-day lives and the majority of them don’t complain. Bravo.

Nobody’s perfect. Nobody. There isn’t one person in the world that is 100% in the way they look, think, speak, feel etc. This collection of mannequins highlights this. It’s a reassurance. Not everyone’s perfect, but that’s ok. It makes us all human.

So, ask me my opinion on these images and my answer will be silence. Because I’m too busy appreciating the brilliance of them.

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3 thoughts on “Nobody’s Perfect – Nobody.

  1. It’s great you are giving more exposure so such a welcome development in the world of fashion – good on you for posting this 🙂

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