Less is More, isn’t it Jennifer Lawrence….

The red carpet is like a stage. It’s a stage for celebrities, but it’s also a stage for the designers whose clothes are being modelled.

If you’ve made it to the red carpet then you’ve basically made it to fame. Everyone knows your name. You’re either loved or hated.

But I’m not here to talk about the significance of the red carpet because, this is a fashion blog, not a blog about the importance of pink carpet as opposed to black.

Recently, a lot of female celebs have decided that less is more. Less fabric calls for a sexier dress. Some may think that’s right because, let’s face it, we all love a bit of boob. But, for others, less is indeed not more.

So, let’s start with the ‘less is more’ category:


 Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 17.45.12

Stars have recently opted for outfits with sheer detailing. They want to show off their figures. And let’s face it, if you were Jennifer Lawrence then you’d also want to flaunt your figure. But this, in my opinion anyway, isn’t sexy. I mean, what’s sexy about giving boys what they want to see literally on a plate? As the saying goes ‘boys want what they can’t have.’ Ok, I admit these dresses are beautiful. I love sheer! But, I only love sheer fabrics when they are interpreted into the outfit…elegantly.

 Yes these dresses are sexy, but for the wrong reasons.They’re sexy because they’re giving skin. They’re showing what’s underneath the clothing. They are essentially revealing all. But we don’t want to know all, we want to guess…(well, guys do anyway).

Moving onto the ‘more is more’ category:

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 17.53.18

Dresses can cover you up but still look sexy. For example, you could wear a figure-hugging dress that covers you from top to toe  – but if you’re showing off your enviable curves then BOOM, you have sex appeal. But more to the point…surely it’s sexier to cover up and keep the boys guessing. Don’t give them what they want. Cover up and show them that ‘no, they can’t have it.’ Show them whose boss in your sexy outfit. I am really cringing myself out here so I’m going to move on from the ‘boy’ business.

Back in past fashion/stardom history, celebs covered up…and they rocked sex appeal. Take Marilyn Monroe. One of the most famous female sex icons. She never got her boobs or vajayjay out on the red carpet. She kept it simple. And everyone wanted her. Everyone also wanted to be her. Everyone still wants to be her. She was sexy because she showed off her fabulous curves and walked her outfit in complete confidence.


I’m going to leave it to you…

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