Cameron Diaz Strips!

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with something to blog about.

You go through a busy day full of action and then get home, eat, put on a trackie, get to your computer, go to type and…nothing.

I’m having one of those moments.

(10 minutes later)

I’m back!

I’ve found my inspiration and it’s something I totally respect!


The fabulous Cameron Diaz has gone make-up free for the cover of her new book The Body Book.

FINALLY! A celebrity who has the balls to go global without a dash of make-up on and not care.

Ok, so there may be a few airbrushing procedures in place BUT one step at a time. Right? I hope so.

The world renown celebrity has helped herself by adopting the natural look. She looks fab. Ageless. Gorgeous. Does she look better without make-up? In most ways yes…she looks more youthful. But, I guess everyone likes to wear a bit of make-up on a night out…so in a limited amount of ways, no, she doesn’t look better. But that’s besides the point. Cameron Diaz has taken a step to prove to people that make-up doesn’t help your body or your image. Make-up isn’t something you can hide behind. Yes, it gives a girl confidence and makes them feel beautiful and sexy. But, at the end of the day, it’s your body and mind that make you feel better – it’s all a deceiving game.

If you think positive, you’ll feel good. I guess that’s what her new books all about…

Anyway, I hope more celebs strip down to the minimum (make-up wise, not clothes wise you perves!) Because, let’s face it…the more celebs the strip, the more the public will strip.

And we all love a bit of strip…


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