Christmas Jumper Gag

Christmas jumpers. 

You either love them or hate them.

I hate them.

Before you label me as the grinch let me just express my love for the most wonderful time of the yearI LOVE Christmas. It’s the time of year where everyone is happy. Why? Because Christmas time = present time and NOTHING…NOTHING beats presents. Not only that but, as cheesy as this sounds, it’s the time of year where all the family get together. So cute! 

But back to the Christmas jumpers…

They are so gross! 

No offence but who the hell would go out their way to buy a bright red wooly jumper with a big fat snowman that has a 3D nose. Nobody. Fine, I accept that people like to get into the Christmas spirit by going to the extreme and decorating their houses with pretty fairy lights but seriously…Xmas jumpers is just pushing the line. To me, they are some sort of joke. They’re taking the p*** a bit. But some people like that and that’s, well, fair enough.


I don’t mean to sound like a hypocrite but it’s sweet when families or friends have the tradition of wearing the Christmas jumper to lunch. It’s a laugh. But you see, that’s exactly it. It’s a laugh. It’s not something you wear to wow the crowds, nor is it something you wear to go out for lunch. It’s something you wear to giggle in and have fun.

This is all pretty ironic.

During winter, new fashion trends come out. Surely the traditional Christmas jumper is seen as a trend due to the amount of people prancing and dancing around in them? Shops sell them and models wear them.

So why, in the name of snow and all things holy, are they so popular? I’d love to know.

Lots of love

The Christmas jumper grinch


2 thoughts on “Christmas Jumper Gag

  1. Sweetheart, you got the point. Its for fun. Nobody wears them to look chic and trendy. They are for fun!

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