Australia’s ‘Fatties’

Australia has one of the highest obesity rates in the world.

So, why is it that most of its shops only sell clothes up to a size 12?

One of my readers, who’s from London but is travelling around in Australia (so jealous!)  sent me a message yesterday saying:

‘Here, in Australia, most shops do not have clothing items higher then a UK12… luckily for me I am a 12, but I’ve noticed this. A few of the expensive ones go up to a 14 but that’s about it, which I think is pretty awful as the average size in the UK is a 16, and how Australia is known to be one of the countries with the highest obesity rate.’ 

If someone who is only travelling around Australia can get annoyed about this, how do we think those that live in Australia, who are a size 14+, feel? Pretty crap.

It’s not right for stores to sell clothes in sizes they think are acceptable. It probably makes people feel as though their weight makes them unable to look cool, fashionable, sexy. People shouldn’t need to feel like this. ANYONE can look good in WHATEVER clothes they wear. Stores have no right to choose what is classified as a ‘trendy weight’ and an ‘unfashionable weight.’

Not only that but the average size in Australia is a 16. A 16! Stores can’t expect a size 16 person to fit into a size 12! They should sell their items accordingly. Size 16 isn’t a bad size. Yes, the number has negative connotations attached to it but it’s a perfectly nice size to be. It means the girls can show off their curves. You all know I’m a big fan of curves.

It’s just, I don’t get the brains behind these shops. Do they think that by selling items up to a size 12 people are going to lose weight to fit into the clothes? Is it some sort of ‘hidden’ weight loss programme? Probably not. It’s probably a bunch of snooty shop owners who don’t want ‘fat people’ wearing their clothes. Well, let me tell you mr shop owner, your shops image is made worse by only selling small size clothing. Much worse. Don’t discriminate. You’re shop’s the stupid one now.

If I feel bad reading about it, then it saddens me to think how bad people must feel living it.


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