A Youthful Snap

Vogue has a rule: don’t use faces, in the magazine, that are younger than 16.

If Vogue implements this rule, then surely it should stick to this rule.

Apparently not.

For Vogue Mexico’s November issue, it was decided that the 15-year-old Julia Borawska would strike some poses for the cameras.

Tut, tut, tut Vogue. Breaking your own rules…again…for the third time. If you can’t stick to your own rules then don’t make them!

Vogue is a highly respected magazine and for it to constantly break the moral and ethical boundaries is wrong. If it wants people to admire it’s work and view it as an important publication then it should avoid humiliation by BLATANTLY breaking rules. Rules are there for a reason. The initiative wouldn’t be enforced for the sake of it. There’s a reason why Vogue doesn’t photograph those under 16.

Personally I don’t really see anything wrong with photographing someone under age. As long as the images aren’t provocative, are getting paid a wage and have the consent of the child AND the parent, then what’s the issue? Why the hell not? Yes, working at a young age may be morally incorrect but it’s not as if it’s slave labour. It’s a girl having fun on a shoot and making some money while she’s at it! There’s nothing wrong with that.

I guess the issue comes in with body image (surprise, surprise). If a young girl starts modelling form an even younger age, then that girl will grow up in an image conscious industry. She won’t want carbs, nor will she be prepared to even imagine being a size 10. It’s sad really. An early-teen can’t have a bit of fun because of fears of her future. But, that’s life. Always gotta think forward.


The photo above is of Julia Borawska…stunning, right?! She looks triple my age.

Now my insecurities are coming out!

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