Fat Ass

I hope you all had a LOVELY Christmas.

I am currently lying in bed reflecting on the king-sized Christmas lunch I had, as well as the monster Boxing day lunch. Gosh. What a lot of food. Guilty.

Now I need to join the gym.

One thing I don’t get is people who diet during Christmas. What the hell! How is that possible? Christmas is all about indulging and livening your tastebuds. So, being on a diet on Christmas is farts. It’s useless. There is no point. 

To me, if you’re prepared to diet on Christmas then you are body obsessed. It’s the holiday where you’re meant to have fun with your family – how can dieting and resisting amazing, incredible food be ‘fun’? It cant.

Sometimes, and I’m not just referring to Christmas, people like to put their body before their family and friends. ‘Can we meet up this weekend?’ ‘No, I’m going to the gym’…..’Are you able to make it to my birthday lunch?’ ‘No, I’m on a diet.’ DO ME A FAVOUR. The gym can wait and so can your rabbit food. 

As you can see, rant rant rant. Sorry for the short post, I just had to, well, pour my heart out.


One thought on “Fat Ass

  1. I feel compelled to weep on behalf of those people who proudly talk about their willpower over the holidays as they resist delicious cookies and heapings of cheese-laden food. What kind of monster says no to such things?

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