A Barbie Dilemma


A toy.

An “attractive” toy.

Skinny, blonde, pretty…very pretty.

But, again, just a toy that kids play around with.

So, is it necessary for there to be a plus-size Barbie doll?


Children from a young age (around 3 or 4) play with Barbie up until the age of around, I don’t know, 8. It’s questionable whether or not these kids analyse what the Barbie looks like. I mean, they’re only kids. Do they care that Barbie is skinny? Are they influenced by Barbie’s weight? I’m not so sure.

When I was growing up, I never looked at Barbie as a role model and I never aspired to look like her. Yes, I know, I’m only one in six billion, but still, children don’t focus on their weight. They see cake, they want cake. They see sweets, guess what, they want sweets. I know I’m basically calling children naïve, but I think my point is fair.

Children play with Barbie, they don’t aspire to Barbie. 


So, the other argument is that there should be plus-sized Barbies. And I also agree with this argument.


It’s important for youngsters to acknowledge that not everyone has a perfect body. There are loads of different figures contained in the small world and the earlier the age that people recognise this, the less they are likely to aspire to being a size-0 model. Perfect.

If people saw a curvier Barbie on the shelf then, BAM, Barbie would gain a lot more respect. The doll would reflect the average person. Kids could potentially become more likely to not care if they are a bit chubbier than the models. If it’s ok for Barbie to be voluptuous, then it’s ok for them. 


There are many arguments for a plus-sized Barbie and a few against. 

If you want my honest opinion.

I dont’ think it’s necessary. I mean, it’s kids who play with the doll. Kids who are likely to be at an unimpressionable age.

Click on this link for the Barbie campaign:


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