Fighting Fit

WARNING: This isn’t going to be a fashion related post. This is going to be an ‘I just joined the gym’ post.

For the first time in my life, I have joined a gym. Yes, a gym. I can sense the shock.

I’ve never been the “gym-type”, but after indulging in biscuits, chocolates and cake for the past month…2 months…ok, year…I thought, right, it’s time to get into shape. I’d like a BIT of definition on my body to say the least.

New year, new me. Yeah, as if. I’ll probably get bored after going three times but, we shall see.

So, as I was being shown around the Virgin Active gym I was looking at all the current members. The men had AMAZING muscles, and the women had fab J-Lo bums. First thought: I need to be like these people!

But, I must admit, joining the gym is a bit intimidating. Most of the girls have incredible bodies and flaunt their figure around in crop tops. I’m not saying it’s wrong but, it definitely made me feel a bit crappy. I’m judging these people on their figures and inevitably, they’re going to judge me. That’s another thought that popped into my mind.

I wish there was a room in the gym for beginners. Those who want to cover up and save themselves embarrassment from being unable to use the machines. But, the gym is a tough place to be. Grrrrrr.



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