Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend (eh, eh)

Diamonds. The way to a girl’s heart, right? Right.

Diamonds are beautiful little things. They sparkle in the light and glow in the dark. So pretty, so elegant.

Yet, why are we all so desperate to be in possession of these alluring gems? Well, because…THEY’RE DIAMONDS FOR GOD’S SAKE

But, but, but…there is more to wanting expensive jewellery than you may suspect. With jewellery comes money (big money in some circumstances) and with money comes wealth. Those who have the most lavish jewels are wealthy. Dur. It’s simple math. So surely a reason that people want a diamond is to appear wealthy to others. I mean, these days we’re all about impressing people around us – even a stranger in the street whom you’ll never speak to! Think about it. Wearing a fancy diamond necklace a long with a matching diamond tennis bracelet and gorgeous diamond earrings and a whopper of a diamond ring (yes, I know, the repetition of the word ‘diamonds’ is getting boring) would make ANYONE look rich. And anyone who looks rich, feels rich.

However…why do we feel the need to wear real this and real that. There’s jewellery out there that isn’t as expensive as diamonds but looks just as real! Crystal, for example, is cheaper by the thousands in some cases! And plastic, well plastic is plastic, but trust me, I’ve seen some expensive looking necklaces that cost around £12. It always strikes me as to why people feel the need to prance around in money when the cheaper option is just as good, just as nice, and a hell of a lot less flashy.

I’m not going to admit to not wanting an odd diamond here and there. I’m guilty of wanting expensive things! I think most of us are (men included). But, I know that it’s stupid. Why would I spend £2000 on a diamond ring when I can buy one, just as nice, for £20? Hmm. Why? Well, I guess part of it is to do with my mentality. I know the diamond ring is worth a lot and so it feels more special than a piece from Topshop. 

More expensive items = more special = more important to us. 

So, this post has been me rambling on about why we wear expensive jewellery when the cheaper items are RIGHT THERE IN OUR FACES! To be honest, I don’t know the answer. But, a major part of my opinion is that people wear expensive jewellery to make themselves feel more special and appear more important.

I may be wrong, I may be right.

Who knows.

N.B. I would like to clear up my argument in my recent post ‘Fashion beats religion’ as I do not feel it was understood. My point is that people are more likely to follow fashion trends in a shop than they are to follow what religion says we should wear. Check out the post by clicking on this link


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