Prada for a Fiver

Go to the beach and what do you find? Copies. Head down to Camden and what can you buy? Copies. Go online to find a cheap designer handbag and end up buying what? A copy. A god forsaken copy.

To me, copies are a weapon of destruction when it comes to fashion.

I’m not against them at all because, let’s be serious, if you can bag yourself an amazing replica of a Prada bag for £50 then good on you! In fact, I say congratulations. Because, when copies are good then they’re worth it. But, when they’re bad (and I’m talking ‘Chanel’ spelt ‘Channel’ bad)…well, oh. What a waste.

But you see, in some cases, copies ruin things. They ruin designs. They ruin the designers names. Take Louis Vuitton, par example. To me, Louis Vuitton has been completely humiliated due to the beach bargains.

Think about it.

Louis Vuitton used (in my opinion) to be quite a nice brand. It was respected. Thus, it held a value. Now, copies have ruined the label. EVERYONE has a Louis Vuitton bag. Who wants a brand and a bag that the rest of the world have? Not me. Probably not you, either. It’s awkward enough wearing the same trainers when you go out with your mum (yes, I am a victim of this) let alone 3 billion other people holding the same bag as you. Or even the same LV design. Mmmm, yummy…

Ok I do get that there is a positive idea attached to replicas. It’s nice for those people who can’t afford a £1500 Fendi bag. It allows everyone to be the owner of something nice. That’s quite a big benefit. Obviously, this point needs to be acknowledged. I mean, I can’t afford Dior, Alexander McQueen or Alaïa (hopefully I will one day!) and the fact that these bags are available to me at a cheaper price is a fab concept.

BUT…I’m sorry, I have to be honest…I HATE COPIES – HATE HATE HATE. And It’s not because I’m a snob. I’m not.  I just think they make the product too universal. They take away individuality and uniqueness (is that a word?) and, a few of the copies I’ve seen, like to add their own design feature, like a little diamond. Classy.




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