Uniform Unites

Uniform is hypocritical.

It’s so hypocritical.

Uniform unites us, but also divides us.

The British army could walk down our streets and be surrounded by a thankful congregation who are cheering their support and celebrating the men’s return.

The British army could walk down a street in Afghanistan and have people running away from them, screaming, crying.

You see, it’s weird how a unique piece of clothing has a significance attached to it. Yet, it’s even weirder how a certain outfit can bring so much comfort, yet so much threat to a world.

Hmm – weird is the wrong word. I don’t find it weird. I find it fascinating.

Yes, fascinating.

It’s fascinating how our minds naturally attach a meaning to something

I’m getting deep…I know.

Everyone goes out wearing clothes. We all wear tops, trousers, skirts (you catch my drift). And, some of us even wear pieces that have a pattern on it, such as camouflage. So, how does uniform heighten itself to such a level where it earns respect?

I’m not talking about school uniform here because, well, who cares about school? I’m talking about Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, Royal this, Royal that.

You see a member of the army in the street. Automatic respect. Automatic appreciation. Automatic love.

Why (other than them serving our country)?

Because they’re wearing a uniform. They’re essentially wearing their job. Their uniform shows us what they do and what they go through to protect their country.

See, it’s amazing how much a piece of clothing can tell us.

Clothing = story.



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