Fashion is as Corrupt as Politics

Fashion is as corrupt as politics.

Yep, it is.

(Please don’t kill me!)

Let me explain myself…

Magazines advertise to get money (obviously). Yet, when do these magazines ever write comment pieces about the brands they promote?

Hardly ever.

You see, respected magazines in the fashion industry, such as Elle, advertise brands like Tag Heuer or Tiffany and others that are expensive, but not necessarily trendy. Note how they advertise them…they don’t write about them. Why? Well, because it’s not cool enough. I mean if someone walks down the street in a Tag Heuer watch, they’re not going to be stopped and complimented on their ‘incredible’ accessory. If a brand ain’t good enough to be stopped and mesmerised on a street then they’re not good enough to be written about.

Fine, I understand that part of the reason a fashion magazine is called a fashion magazine is because they write about current trends and upcoming trends. But, surely if they are going to advertise untrendy trends in their magazines they should write about why they are not trendy?

So the magazine may lose a couple of customers, advertisers bla bla bla – but, come on! If you’re gonna advertise a brand you dislike then EXPLAIN WHY YOU DISLIKE IT.

Corrupt? I think so.

I mean, how can magazines have so much respect? Surely they can’t say what’s fashionable or what isn’t fashionable if they never criticise the fashion they advertise. It’s simple. Fashion needs to grow balls. And labels need to accept criticism.

We live in such a soppy society where people cry whenever they get disrespected. BOO HOO. How we can thrive in a world where people can’t accept honesty, nor disapproval, is beyond me. Fashion is all about opinion. Trends are set through opinions. Designs thrive on criticism.

In my opinion, if a brand wants to advertise in a magazine, then they should be willing to be written about. Whether it be an unbelievable review, or whether it’s a dull review. Magazines can’t shy from what they think of something, and advertisers can’t be afraid of what’s written about them.

I stick to my point.

Fashion is corrupt as politics.

(And although I don’t know a lot about politics…I know it’s corrupt!)



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