Guilty of Wearing and Not Caring

Sweatshops: a workshop where employees work long hours under bad conditions for low wages.

Nobody agrees with sweatshops because they’re wrong. They’re immoral. They’re unethical.

A majority of people (INCLUDING ME) disagree with them, but we are all victims of buying clothes from shops that use them. Why? Because we like the clothes enough and, as bad and wicked as this sounds, we forget about the people who make the clothes. You can deny this. You can say that you always have these poor people are in your minds. But, they’re not. You wear the clothes and don’t care.

I’m guilty of this. We’re all guilty of this. We’re selfish.


The list above shows brands that still use sweatshops. They’re only 60 of many. An example. But a good one, because I guarantee most people have bought something from one of these labels at least once in their lives. Other names include Primark and other high street names that we all LOVE.

I hate this though. I hate how I love the items these labels sell! It’s abnormally selfish of me.

I like the clothes and products though. And if I see a product I like, I but it.

Why are we all like this though? Why does our vanity and selfishness take first place over those suffering?

People suffer because of our wants and needs and none of us care! All we care about is how we look. It’s shameful.

Children suffer, women suffer, fathers suffer. These unfortunate people suffer for us. They work on behalf of things that, on a large scale, are ridiculously unimportant.

I’m quite embarrassed about this, you should be to.


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