Names Are Lame

It’s weird how trends change over time.

In year 7 of school (2007) – Abercrombie was the THING. Everyone was wearing it. If you didn’t have a bit of Aber going on in your wardrobe then, well, face it, you sucked.

Kitten heels were in, as were other weird fashion trends.

Now…Abercrombie is just a fashion NO NO. You wear an Abercrombie skirt to go shopping? Uh-oh. Or an A&F tee to meet some friends? Take it off. You’re better off topless…that’s what fashion sys anyway.

I find it astonishing how something can be so friggin’ cool one second and just so lame the next. It’s weird. When time changes, so does fashion.

I understand how styles and trends change; different colours come in and different patterns get chucked out the window. But, it’s the label thing I’m really intrigued by.

At one moment in your life there can be a massively cool brand that is a literal must-have, like Paul’s Boutique or Jack Wills. Yet, they hit a point in time when boohoo they go down the drain. Why? Well, in my opinion it’s because people start to realise that names aren’t trendy. Who wants a top with ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH splattered across the point (when it comes to a Celine tee, or a Chanel one, that’s a different story obviously…)? NOBODY.

Names are lame. Or lames. Names are lames – yes I am going on a sporadically weird thought-spree.

It’s all about being incognito, subtle, anonymous. Not telling anyone who you’re wearing. Letting people guess…

…Yes, adding mystery to your outfit.

Mystery – what a fab word! We all love the guessing game.


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