You Buy Things to Show Off Your Money

I’m a very deep thinker. I always wonder. It’s like a hobby of mine.

So, as I was scrolling through net-a-porter this morning and creating my ‘dream wardrobe’ (weird thing to do on a Sunday, I know, but  give a girl a break) I was wondering…why do people LOVE certain brands so much?

I mean, people go crazy for Chanel. Everyone wants a Chanel bag in their life. But why?

For me, it’s down to six things:

  1. People genuinely like the brand
  2. People like to follow the crowd
  3. People just want to say ‘ooo I have a Chanel bag’
  4. People want the bag to prove they have the money to buy it
  5. It’s a fantastic quality
  6. It’s an investment

I’d like to think most people buy expensive, renown items because they genuinely like the item – that’s why I’d want to buy something. But, I can’t help think that some people (and by some I’m really referring to a minority) buy designer this and designer that to show off their money. It’s sad really.

Am I wrong in thinking this? I don’t know, but it seems feasible.

I mean sure, people can buy something as an investment. Look at Hermés…you buy a vintage Hermés bag and you’re talking £10k. Investments are wise, practical, and, well, worth-it…

…But when I see people metaphorically flaunting their money through Instagramming pics of their Celine bags it makes me think WHY?! Why do you want to show off your cash?! Just wear the bag, be grateful. Again, I’m referring to a minority. A minority that I’d like to kick in the face.

People who buy things to show off their money – shame on you.

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