Let the Piercings Adorn You

Adorn. Embellish. Enhance.

3 words that us ladies, and men, apply to our everyday lives.

We paint our nails, get piercings, ink our skin, dye our hair. We do so much to make ourselves look and feel better. Why aren’t any of us comfortable? Why do we feel a need to trash our skin…to trash the way we were born?

Now I’m not against piercings or tattoos or anything like that. In fact, I have my belly pierced and my ears (rebellious, right?)…but the only reason I did that was to embellish parts of my body. To add excitement to my looks. And I guess that’s a good reason and that’s why people get it done. They want to look cool, funky, interesting. In my opinion, if I see someone with lots of tattoos and piercings and wacky hair I think ‘wow, this person must be super intriguing.’ If someone’s intriguing by their looks then doesn’t that mean that their personality and story must be quite exciting?

I find it astonishing how some people can be so against the idea of the punk-ish accessories (yes, I consider piercings and tattoos accessories for some reason). If someone wants to add something to their body, LET THEM. People should be defined by their personalities and I feel that tats allow this. Sorry. Not sorry.

So, there’s my VERY random thought of the weekend.

Would LOOOOOOOVE for someone to give me a reason as to why they are against the fashion…


One thought on “Let the Piercings Adorn You

  1. Piercings more so than tattoos are ways to embellish looks. After all, a piercing can be removed and leave very little trace that it was every there in most cases. Personally I have both but I feel that tattoos are more about their meanings and less about ’embelishment’. Tattoos and piercings shouldn’t be grouped together in talking about how they’re used. When’s the last time you heard of someone getting a piercing in honour of their mom/wife/child?
    Tattooing because of it’s permanent nature should only be taken to extremes when there is true meaning behind them. Getting a full sleeve done because you want to show off your muscles, get attention really isn’t the way to go in my opinion. A small embelishment tattoo (s) is perfectly alright in my opinion assuming that when appropriate it can be covered. I’m against the idea of tattoos for the sake of getting tattoos. When there is thought and understanding to the tattoo then I think it’s perfectly acceptible regardless of size or location.

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