This is NOT for the Valentine’s day vegans


On Valentine’s day you will meet three types of people:

  1. Singletons – whom can be of either the male or female gender.
  2. OCD girlfriends – O = obsessive, C = compulsive, D = demanding ladies who want THEIR day to put the purrr in purrrfect.
  3. ‘I’m screwed’ boyfriends – yes boys, we all know that each and every one of you left your plans to the last minute.

But…these three species have plenty in common. Lingerie.

What about lingerie? I hear you ask.

Everyone loves a bit of alluring lace and velvet here and there.

  1. Singletons – the ladies wear sexy underwear in the hope of getting lucky on the date and the men hope they will get lucky!
  2. OCD girlfriends – they show off their bits and bobs to make their boyfriends forget about Emily Ratajkowski and Rihanna.
  3. ‘I’m screwed’ boyfriends – all the innocent boys think of their end show when they rapidly plan the dinner, candles, roses etc…

Since when did granny pants and boob shelves become so desirable? All Lingerie is is underwear. However sexy it sounds, it’s a bra and knickers. BORING.

However…it’s amazing what some luxury lace, ravishing reds and a few cut-outs in the wrong place (GROSS) can do.

It’s all about the details. If something looks specials, then you’ll feel special wearing it.

Happy Valentine’s day for Friday 14th (remember that date boys!).

Lots of love xoxo


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