An event day: Claire Richards for Fashion World





As I entered the pink, floral, girly, feminine house opposite the Haymarket Hotel in London, I knew that I was about to experience a treat.

Despite the usual (GORGEOUS) tasty treats of meringues and cupcakes, which I shamefully indulged in, my taste buds were also tickled by the free manicures and, of course, a gorgeous collection for “larger” (I HATE using that word) ladies.

You all know I’m a fan of ladies with a bit of boob and bum.

To me, the curvier the better – the more there is for your clothes to accentuate.

That’s why I thought Claire Richards’ (yes the Steps singer) collection for Fashion World was just perfect for those women who have their insecurities. Her designs are from sizes 12-32 and feature intricate details to flatter the figure, such as ribbon around the waist, illusive patterns (like stone-washed jeans, which actually shape the legs), elasticated materials and more.

Every single design was created in order to make women feel good – and what’s better than feeling bloody fabulous in your clothes? Nothing.

At the end of the event I stepped outside, took a bite out of my delicious cupcake and thought to myself ‘I wish I was a size 12!’ – some of the items were to eat for! (See what I did there…)


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