Fashion = Drugs

There’s this long-lived association between fashion and drugs.

‘Every model takes heroin – what else do they do at their constant parties?’

It’s this repetitive thought that makes me laugh.

I mean, surely everyone is entitled to a downfall, a whirlwind of confusion? But, just because some of the world’s top models, like queen Kate Moss and princess Naomi Campbell, have been reported to take drugs, doesn’t mean they all have.

That’s why I laughed when I saw this Sisley ad. I saw it a couple of months ago but haven’t posted it yet…


Is it wrong of me to find this advertisement funny?

FASHION IS BEING SATIRICAL – the brand definitely didn’t deserve the backlash it got.

Ok, I understand it’s offensive and people can get inspired to take drugs but surely the ad is just taking the mick out of what people think the fashion industry consists of.

So all models take drugs – right…


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