The “old” grandma

Old people. Well, I shouldn’t really say ‘old’, more so ‘older’ because, as they say, if you look young then you are young. So yes, this is going to be a post about older people.

You have two types:

  1. The fashionable grandma
  2. The traditional grandma

The two types comes with two explanations:

  1. The fashionable grandma – this type likes to look young and good. They don’t let their age (or wrinkles) affect their confidence. While they like to look cool and young, they don’t go overboard by wearing latex or hot-pants.
  2. The traditional grandma – this types chooses to stick to her wooly cardigans, knitting sticks and cats – ADORABLE (a personal fave!).

So, what’s my point?

Well, there’s a gap in the industry for older women – we’re talking 60+ – who want to look fashionable, stylish and trendy. You see, not all women have enough money in their pensions to purchase a bit of Versace or Burberry and this is what the high street needs to realise!

Our grandmas lived in a time where it was all about dressing up! From looking chic on a trip to the theatre to dazzling in sparkles at local town balls. OUR GRANDMAS ALWAYS MADE AN EFFORT…the ‘effort’ that used to be made by the younger generations has vanished and only our older mamas can bring it back.

It’s very well having high street shops catering to our needs (by ‘our’ I’m talking about teens to mums) but they need to address the generations above us. The generation who have still got it but can’t find it – get it?

So, come on cheap street – do your stuff and get some copies for our ladies out there who are still shaking it at 75!




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