Frisky Friday…

Frisky Friday...

We all need a denim shirt in our lives.

Denim shirts go with every pair of trousers and every pretty skirt hanging in your wardrobe. You can wear them with a blazer or a cardigan or even a waistcoat. You can style them with scarves and necklaces. Anything. They’re a wardrobe essential.

You see, in life, you’ll be lost without this denim number.

If I don’t know what to wear on a day out, I’ll stick on a shirt. If I feel a bit crappy and don’t feel nice in anything, I’ll stick on a shirt.

But there’s something different about this shirt from The Kooples in particular. the zips and studs make the shirt look like a biker jacket…don’t be deceived.

Gosh, I need my payday to hurry up so I can splash out on £150! This number is just splendid! Gimmmmmme!


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