Bi denim, hi leather

Say goodbye to denim.


Au revoir.

Say goodbye to denim and hello to leather. After all, there’s no denying that denim is the new leather.

It started with the standard leather jacket. Everyone had one (and has one). But who would’ve thought the style was going to creep in and still the place of the precious 90s denim jacket? I didn’t.

What used to be a very comfortable, convenient fabric has been whipped off the shelves and replaced with the leather jacket. It comes in different colours, a multitude of styles and can be worn…whenever.

And it’s not just jackets.


Jeans are becoming leather. Skirts are becoming leather. Tops are becoming leather. Underwear is becoming leather (how kinky!).


So, dust off your floor-length leather coat you purchased back in the 70s and place it in a proud place.


3 thoughts on “Bi denim, hi leather

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