Chanel’s sneaker-ution

Painful, uncomfortable, aching stilettos are finally strolling out of the fashion spotlight.

Though we will miss their elegance and sophistication, we won’t be heartbroken over the fact that it’s acceptable to finally wear trainers *sigh of absolute relief*.

Manola Blahnik is being replaced with Nike, Sergio Rossi with Puma and Nicholas Kirkwood by Adidas.

But these brands better think fast because some of the designers we love are ahead of the race to transform the dignified heel to a pleasant flat…

Take Chanel (aka. the God of fashion), par example.

Karl Lagerfeld’s noticed that people like to be more “grounded” and so all his models during Paris Fashion Week 2014 sported the casual trainer…with a Chanel twist of gorgeous designs – we’re not surprised the sneaker loving Cara Delevingne accompanied Karly down the catwalk.

So, tuck your gorgeous Louboutin’s away and kiss them goodnight because it’s all about flat, flat, flat (FINALLY!!!).


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