Are knees the new cleavage?

Everyone likes a bit of a bust. Men like to stare, while women prefer to flaunt. Whatever gender and whatever age, we all like a bit of bosom!

Or do we…

You see, back in the day (I’m talking about a couple of months ago here) people didn’t care about knees – attention was focussed on how your bum looked in a pair of jeans, or how your boobs appeared in a fitted tee. That’s all changed.

Feminists you’ll be happy to hear that the fashion industry isn’t that bothered about the crease of your cleavage. No. It’s all about the knees.

Ripped jeans, midi skirts, skorts – what do they all display? Knees.

If you look at some of the hottest street styles during LFW then you’ll see that women are keeping their top covered and their bottoms bare…


Topshop are selling them, Sandro, Zadig and Voltaire, Acne – IT’S ALL ABOUT THE RIP (and I’m not talking about the rip between the boobs, I’m talking about the rip on the knee).

So, tuck away your old assets and pull out your new fashion statement.




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