Coachella: where music beats fashion

Fringing, lace, beading, necklaces, denim – the common fashion themes of Coachella.

But you see, what I don’t understand is why everyone ditches their normal styles for this generic bohemian-look.

Celebrities and realities ditch their usual trends and all opt for the same, or similar, outfits. It’s like a tribe. If you don’t look “hippie” then you stand out like a sore thumb and, oops, you don’t fit in.

Ironic, eh?

The whole idea of the artistic industry is to let people be who they want to be. Let people wear what they want, say what they want, do what they want and believe what they want. Surely, the biggest musical festival of the year should be supporting this? But in my opinion it’s not. It’s forcing (not literally) people to all fall under the same ‘indie’ category.Image

Alessandra Ambrosio ditched her elegant ensembles for a carnival-ish two-piece. Kylie Jenner swapped her androgynous style for funky buddah. And Poppy Delevingne, well she just tried her best to fit in as per usual (and successfully succeeded!).

To me, everyone loses their individuality at this festival when, in fact, they should be finding it. I’m not some sort of musical keeno, nor have I ever sold my soul to a band but from what I see, hear and read, music – to many people – is part of a person; it helps them through the good and the bad. That’s why different people relate to different songs. The type of music you listen too is part of your individuality and that reflects in fashion. Those who listen to heavy metal tend to go for grungy looks (that involve metal), those who prefer pop songs opt for the standard high street look. There’s a constant connection between the music people listen to and the clothes they wear – in my opinion anyway.

So, why is it that at the biggest festival of the year people strip off their personalities and put on a uniform?

And please, correct me if you do not agree.



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