Even a pastel can befriend a boy





The first time I wore my baggy boyfriend jeans (by baggy I mean falling down to my ankles baggy), I felt like a lad. My nails weren’t done, my hair was tied up in a bun. I felt masculine and as far as I was aware, looked like a right mess. I wasn’t comfortable. Why? Because my feminine touch was missing. Mascara was missing from my long lashes, and heels were missing from my feet. There was nothing about me that screamed ‘HEY YOU GIRLY GIRL.’

But, you see, I was in a dilemma. These jeans were by far the comfiest things I’d ever planted on my legs – but they were just so boyish. Though they were quite big, I had enough room to dance around, run about and jump, even if they did bare the chance of falling down! And they looked quite stylish, if I don’t say so myself.

Then I had an idea (lightbulbs went off in my head). Well, I say an idea but it was more of a question. What’s the one thing that makes me feel polished? Getting my nails done! After a long stare at the array of nail varnishes sitting on the shelf, I picked out an Essie colour called Fiji (boy, I’d love to visit Fiji!). It was pretty, pale and pink – just my kind of thing, and, just what’s on fashion’s trend list this season…pastels, pastels and more pastels.

So, when I paired my gorgeous pink nails with my boyfriend pants, I didn’t feel at all deprived of my female identity.

Moral of the story: hooray for pastels (and the nail parlour in the highstreet!).


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